Pokemon Black and White 101

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Pokemon Black and White 101

Pokemon Black and White 101

The new generation of Pokemon is Pokemon The Black and White. Generation V introduces a multitude of new elements to the series as well as a brand new set of Pokemon, which is still to translate. Generation 4 ended with 493 characters, but with the addition of Generation 5, we now have 649 different Pokemon!

The new features are great, but for any true Pokemon enthusiast, that you have to catch all! With the addition of 156 new Pokemon, it’s going to take a more extended amount of time to learn and develop every single one knows about them, and then fight against other players from around the globe or in your own neighborhood.

Pokemon Black, as well as White, can be distinct, just like in every Pokemon game; they are separated by the legendary version you are able to obtain (first introduced in the 2nd Generation with the Ho-Oh as well as Lugia). The owners of Pokemon Black receive the all-white Reshiram, and those who own Pokemon White will get the all-black Zekrom. In addition, both versions feature certain Pokemon that can only be discovered within games (besides trading from earlier versions).

The game begins like every other Pokemon game. You start with your home town on Unova, the continent. Unova, and you’re a newbie Pokemon trainer who is just beginning to get started. Three starters are available, which range between a fire, grass, and water type. Each comes with a powerful evolution form. You continue on your quest to collect all badges, take on the elite four, and ultimately help save humanity!

After that now, let’s take a look at the latest aspects of the game:

New cosmetic changes to the look

Apart from the brand new graphics like you’d expect from the most recent Pokemon game, you will also notice a huge difference in the battle. This time, the real struggle is animated, and you can watch your Pokemon fight against the foe. It’s still based on the turn, but these new combat graphics are stunning for those who care about it anyway.

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Similar to Pal Park, Time Capsule, and Transfer Machine, This Generation 5’s capability will permit you to transfer Pokemon from earlier versions of your game. Like Pal Park, you are not allowed access to it until you have the national dex. This means that you’ve been able to see all Unova Pokemon at least once. But after that, you’re able to access it as you like.


Like the Poketch from Generation 4, this neat device displays the time on the bottom of the screen on your DS The best aspect is that it’s a portable device that can be used for multiplayer. It is no longer necessary to go into the Pokemon Center to trade and play with the rest of your friends. Additionally, it lets you gain access to the fantasy world in which you can put your Pokemon to sleep and then explore within a virtual world and even interact and play with your fellow gamers.

Pokemon Global Link

It’s similar to what it was with the Global Trade Center in the 4th generation. The device lets you exchange Pokemon against other online players. Also, one of the new features is that you can participate in random matches with other players from across the globe. It’s now possible to be able to fight with other players live, even if they’re not your own online friends!

Pokemon Dream World

This is a place that you can access by submitting the save file on the internet to the official Pokemon Black and White site and allowing you to visit and engage with other players. Additionally, you’ll be able to find many Pokemon that aren’t typically located inside Unova. Unova region. Therefore, you’ll be able to see lots of trainers who have already beaten the game in this area.


With access via the C-Gear allows you to travel with your friends around the world in a specific zone, where you will discover Pokemon which aren’t indigenous to Unova. The group can take various side quests as well as battle and trade!

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Pokemon Musical

It’s the contest for beauty that first appeared in the game during the third generation. It’s about wearing your Pokemon’s outfit by playing mini-games. You then show people who will help people who judge your Pokemon (with five different kinds of categories for beauty! ). It’s a great activity to engage in during your time in the top four or after you’re finished with the game.


Introduced in the 2nd Generation was time. Three generations later, we have seasons. The game isn’t based on actual time. However, seasons are swapped each month, which means that over the course of a year, we’ll go through the seasons three times. Certain Pokemons change in the seasons, and some locations are opened to players during certain seasons. You can also imagine the look of the game can vary depending on the seasons!

Sprite Battle Animation

Like we said earlier, The sprites are fully animated. That means you could actually see the movement of your Pokemon engaging other Pokemon or being targeted. In addition, the sprite size of the Pokemon is also increased, meaning you can see a greater Sprite for your Pokemon.

Triple Battle

A very awaited recent addition of Pokemon Black and White is a triple battle. It’s possible you considered it crazy to play double matches, but we now are able to play triple battles! As the name suggests, you play 3 Pokemon simultaneously. However, there are some rules you must be aware of. The Pokemon that are in the middle of the game can attack the Pokemon on the opposite side. However, the Pokemon that are on the sides can’t be attacked by Pokemon located on the other side.

Rotation Battles

This is like the triple battle, but that you’re fighting in a platform that rotates, which allows players to move the Pokemon around, adding a strategic aspect of the game because one has to predict the opponent’s moves to switch their Pokemon with, and then strategize to defeat them.

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It isn’t a Pokemon game without any gyms and gym managers. In this game, you’ll find the standard eight gyms. However, a unique aspect is that there are actually 11 gym bosses you have to take on. What is an exciting twist on the game? Fans of the anime Pokemon Best Wishes will be able to see familiar faces!

Elite Four

After you have earned all the badges you need, the next thing to try to do is challenge the elite four. Beat them, then challenge the champion, and finally beat the game. But the unique aspect of playing this type of game is you are able to really choose to fight the four elite players you like regardless of order.

Game Exclusive Features

In Pokemon White, trainers get access to White Forest, an area in which players can hunt more Pokemon. But what happens to Pokemon Black? The answer is that Pokemon Black owners get Black City with a city that is filled with battles, trainers, and even items. In reality, I believe Pokemon Black was ripped off in this particular case.

As a result, you can observe it is clear that Pokemon Black and White is likely to be a huge game that’s more than Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Japanese reviews have awarded the game a total score, and I’m hoping nothing less than the best from this game when it is released to America or another nation!

With 156 brand new Pokemon and trainers just like me will be having fun engaging in the sport, getting them all, experiencing the four seasons, and then fighting or trading with one another. I am sure I’ll be spending lots of time online fighting acquaintances and strangers.

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