7 Steps to Become a Pro at Call of Duty

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7 Steps to Become a Pro at Call of Duty

7 Steps to Become a Pro at Call of Duty

In the last two years, I’ve been spending an extensive amount of gaming Call of Duty. In the beginning, I picked it as a fun pastime and would play on my off time. As time went on, I started to get comfortable with the game and ended up having 100+ kills at times. The clan I was in joined dubbed “K!LL Klan” and began participating in some online games on GameBattles.com. As a group, we won the title of champions for Hardcore gameplay. We also received an award that can be seen in the GameBattles “GB” Profile. I’ve come up with seven steps to become an expert at Call of Duty for players who wish to improve and be competitive on a higher level. These steps will assist you to grasp the basics of playing COD and assist in acquiring the necessary skills to become a professional.

Step 1: Install the Controller.

If you’re using a new controller, whether for or both PlayStation or Xbox, it is best to get it used by constantly using it. This is not meant to punch holes through the centre of the controller but rather to loosen the buttons and your analogue stick. It is always a good idea for you to have a bar that is loose since it allows you to move it in the game. If you suspect that your controller is damaged inside, you’ll typically see circles on the surrounding of the analogue stick on your controller.

Step 2: Learn about the Button layout

Once you begin gaming, it provides you with a default controller layout for the buttons. It is essential to know the purpose each button is utilized to accomplish since you’ll have to use all 11 buttons that do not include the directional pad, except for the right directional that is the default layout for every button layout. It is essential to decide which design you like most, considering that this is what you’ll use in all of your gameplay. I recommend the tactical button layout, as you’ll see in the next section.

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Step 3: Tactical and. the default Button Layout

The tactical set-up is employed to make drop shot kills. In lieu of the Melee attack appearing on the right analogue when you press it, it’s substituted with the Crouch/Prone that can be found in the PS3 circle button as well as the B button on the Xbox. This provides you with a huge advantage when fighting close, as it makes it easier to confuse your adversary by shooting straight ahead as you lower yourself to a prone position. This gives you the extra time to avoid being attacked, and you can still shoot at your opponent as you fall. This requires some time to master, but it will increase your chances of achieving longer kill streaks as well as give you a more excellent ratio of kill to death.

Step 4: Check at sensitivity.

The sensitivity of your eyes is crucial when playing Call of Duty. The default settings are at 2, which is the standard sensitivities. What the look sensitivity accomplishes is to give you the movement of the way your player moves. If you’ve got the sensitivity set to low, your player will transfer between left and right and then up and down at a slower speed. If you increase your sensitivity, it will give you a faster response to turn or glance around. It can be difficult at first to control your game at high sensitivity. That is why you should practice. I suggest using a higher level of sensitivity when playing games as it helps turn your player faster if the shooter is coming from behind. Insanity has the most heightened sensitivity to play at and does wonderfully. It’s so sensitive that if you press your analogue stick to rotate around, the player will make full 360 degrees. This is why it’s essential to practice, and repetition makes it more effective.

Step 5: Understanding different Game modes

After knowing how to operate your controller and identifying the settings for your buttons that are most appropriate for you, it is essential to be aware of the various game modes of Call of Duty. It’s not just about the name, but what they do and how you can stop opponents from winning. A death match for teams is a typical game in which the team that gets to a certain amount of kills first wins. After that, you’ll have your Domination, Demolition, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy and other games that are hardcore. The trick to being successful in all of these games is to learn not just the strategies you can win but also how to keep the game from getting over and continuing the game. This can give you an advantage in getting more kills and also to practice your shooting. One example is Demolition, and this is the area where I get the majority of my more than 100 kill games. The key for Demolition is to let the clock last until you have 15 seconds are left, then put the bomb in the ground. If you’re a defensive team trying to stop the enemy from launching, you should let them place the first bomb at the end of 15 seconds of play. This will increase the duration and allow you to have more time to score your kills. You should aim to get to the third round with the game at 1-1. Continue to extend the game so that you gain more skills. Learn the different game modes and how to keep your game ending prematurely and then have it go on to the final.

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Step 6: Movement of the Eye

It is essential to view the entire screen on your TV when playing Call of Duty. There’s a reason you receive an enlarged map and also the amount of ammunition left in the gun. The way I play is related to my watching the miniature map. What I’m looking for is the dot in red that indicates the presence of an enemy in the area. I am constantly moving around and checking the mini-map. The other thing I do is whenever I hear a gunshot, and I continuously look at my mini-map to determine the direction it’s coming from. This gives me a huge advantage to take on the enemy from behind since you know exactly where they are in. Another advantage is that if you’re shot, you’ll be able to quickly discern where the shot originated. If you have the sensitivity set at a high level, you are able to quickly turn and take out the opponent before they are killed. Knowing the amount of ammunition you have in your arsenal is another benefit since you must be prepared before you prepare for combat. Knowing that you’ve got a small amount of ammunition would not be a wise idea fighting three foes. This is why I make use of Scavenger in any gun I carry. I always have shell after killing an adversary and don’t have to be concerned about running out of bullets.

Step 7: Identifying Respawn points

The final and one of the most important things to do is to be aware of the respawn locations on each map. Each game mode differs in regards to Respawn points, and it is crucial to understand the game mode you are playing most and where they’ll come back after killing them. It is essential to know where your team is situated on the map because the moment a team is packed together, enemies won’t respawn in their vicinity. Knowing the location where enemies respawn will give you the extra motivation to take them out because you know precisely where they are without having to look at your map. If you can master the respawn points, you can increase the rate of kills to death and improve your performance.

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