Video Games – Some of the Benefits

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Video Games - Some of the Benefits

Video Games - Some of the Benefits

Numerous published articles and research projects have examined various negative impacts of playing video games. At the same time, the author’s concerns are primarily centred around the fact that children have shown signs of spending a lot of their time playing and video games on consoles as well as on computers, but it’s not right to overlook the fact that when appropriately utilised, video games can offer some benefits to the players. While there are certainly recognized negative consequences of playing too much, like aggressive and violent behaviour and poor socialisation, as well as educational issues and some physical products, we must not overlook an important aspect. Gaming is today such an integral component in the daily lives of many young children as well as adults that it is essential to consider a balanced perspective of its benefits and drawbacks. The benefits that are attributed to gaming on video has been studied and documented in numerous research projects over the past several years. Some of the main conclusions gathered in the reports from these research projects are outlined below.

1. Hand/Eye Coordination and Manual Dexterity

Machine games have been found to assist in developing eye/hand coordination and fine motor abilities in children and also in the improvement of their vision accuracy.

2. The Enhancement of Learning Capacity

Certain educationally designed games may improve the capabilities of the young player, especially in relation to their developing abilities in math and language.

3. Creativity

Children who play with games machines may develop their creativity and discover that they’ve gained a knowledge of and an interest in technology.

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4. Self-Confidence/Cognitive Abilities

Gaming on video games may improve the ability of children to make choices on their own, which could aid them in developing their confidence. The cognitive ability of children can be enhanced similarly.

5. Removing the mind from negative thoughts

Games may, for short periods of time it can help children forget the pain resulting from illness or injury or other concerns that they may be facing.

6. Recuperation after injury or illness

There are a variety of video games that could be utilized to assist children in getting through the time of recovery or as the basis of a physiotherapeutic treatment program for children who’ve suffered an injury.

7. Socialising

Children who are having issues with their ability to form new relationships with peers can be assisted by playing specific video games that give them an understanding of what it means to interact with a person in a partnership for the benefit of both of them and to appreciate the importance of working as a team.

8. Attaining the goals

Games that offer rewards in the specific game when a player has achieved the required level of skill and can give players greater confidence in themselves and an increased sense of self-esteem.

The most critical factors involved in ensuring that the potential benefits of games get overwhelmed by the negative consequences is the time that children are spending on gaming consoles as well as the specific kind of games they can play. One of the most critical aspects of both issues is the control of parents on both. In all aspects of our lives, where excessive indulgence could have negative consequences, the most crucial factor is moderateness. Children, due to the nature of their age and inability to control, something that can only be achieved with maturation not able to attain moderation without the assistance and constant influence of their families. It is the responsibility of parents to act as the ultimate game controllers and ensure that their children benefit from the benefits of playing video games and not suffer the drawbacks.

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