Teaching Approach For Little Smarties – Top 5 Nintendo DS Educational Games For Kids

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Teaching Approach For Little Smarties - Top 5 Nintendo DS Educational Games For Kids

Teaching Approach For Little Smarties - Top 5 Nintendo DS Educational Games For Kids

Who said learning was boring? The days are gone that parents and teachers are waking up children in classes at home or in school. With the rapid growth of technology, learning can be fun and also tech-savvy!

A brief review of Nintendo DS

Adults who most likely have been born in the time of Captain America from the beginning of time might think the Nintendo DS is just another computer game that’s difficult to comprehend. To say it in simple terms, Nintendo DS is a revolutionary computer which is used by the majority of youngsters nowadays. Still, confused? Here’s a quick overview:

It’s a handheld game console manufactured that is distributed and sold by Nintendo. It is equipped with many options that elevate the gaming experience to a higher and superior level, thanks to its crystal clear and high-resolution LCD as well as built-in speakers. There are numerous versions that are part of the Nintendo DS that offers many various features, including wireless connectivity, an MP3 player, microphone, innumerable colours, a large memory capacity, game applications, along with other features.

Nintendo DS is very popular in actual fact, and it is the top-selling game console with more than 100 million units sold in the time it was released in America just. Its sales are increasing steadily.

Due to its popularity, many have come up with new game apps (game apps) to be entertaining and informative to educational.

Fun and enjoyable way to learn The top 5 educational games and where to locate them

1. Game’s Title: Big Brain Academy

This game is excellent for kids of any age and even for those who are young at heart. It’s loaded with vibrant images that encourage brain activity. You can sign in and purchase at wize.com as well as amazon.com for just $5.

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2. The game’s title is Spelling Challenges and much more

Children, especially those who are getting started in reading and writing, will benefit from this program. It helps children learn the correct spelling and grammar with a fun, enjoyable method. You can purchase this item from shopping.com, amazon.com and walmart.com. Prices can vary between $9 and $14.

3. The game’s title is My Virtual Tutor: Reading Kindergarten through 1st Grade

This game is suitable for children in the pre-school age up to first graders. It is filled with stunning and captivating animations, as well as adorable characters. Kids will definitely delight in studying.

This game is available at amazon.com as well as walmart.com. Prices start at $18 and go up to $20.

4. The game’s title is Let’s Draw

This app is ideal for children in the preschool and first grades who are passionate about crafting and art. It is designed to enhance your child’s imagination and talent in the field of art. It comes with a variety of options that can help make any drawing of a child come to life with music, movement, and other features. It is also loaded with games for kids that use pictures of characters. Amazon.com, as well as walmart.com, sell this item at affordable prices between $19 and $24.

5. The game’s title is Sesame Street: Cookie’s Counting Carnival

Preschool children can master the basics of counting and numbers through these games. It also comes with user-friendly audio-visual directions and an interface that is specifically made to be used exclusively by children. It is available in major online stores such as amazon.com as well as walmart.com. The price ranges from $18 up to $19.

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There are numerous Nintendo DS games available on the Internet in the present. Make sure you go online to read reviews and examine the contents. Find games that are kid comfortable. Additionally, you should look for games that promote your child’s ability to think and also those that build children’s personality and heart. It is also possible to play games that focus on the importance of faith, compassion and awareness toward the world. A well-developed brain will only function with a healthy heart.

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