How to Do Well at GT Academy on PS3

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How to Do Well at GT Academy on PS3

How to Do Well at GT Academy on PS3

The renowned GT Academy returned for its third edition in 2011, and one lucky winner will get the chance to drive The Nissan race team. The competition for the fastest time was launched to players on Sony PS3 earlier this month, and the drivers are given until April 17th to submit their best times.

One of the most common questions people have is how I can succeed at GT Academy? There’s no one method or answer, but there’s a range of things you could attempt to enhance your time.

Be Comfortable

You must ensure that you’re able to drive. This is a great driving position and chairs that you can comfortably sit for extended durations of time. It’s ideal to continue to lap for at least one hour if you want to realize your full potential.

Make sure you have the correct setup.

How many of the top 100 spots did it use the traditional PS3 controller? Only a handful. It’s a fact that you’ll never be able to do your best without a good racing wheel. I recommend that you purchase yourself the Logitech G27 or a Logitech Driving Force GT If you’re determined to be a top finisher.

It’s been suggested by Lucas Ordonez, winner of GT Academy 2009, that walking barefoot can be beneficial in getting those time-saving moments. Both of the previous winners, Lucas Ordonez and Jordan Tresson, have also suggested using the bumper camera would be the best since it gives unobstructed views of the roads ahead.

Find a Rhythm

It’s not a simple task to switch on your PS3 and drive for 10 minutes, and achieve a quick time. The best method to obtain an impressive time is to continue to lap, cutting off the tenths of seconds every lap. If you keep bubbling, you’ll discover the rhythm and more practice at every corner, and you’ll find the most efficient driving route.

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It’s tempting to just restart your car if you’ve crashed; however, the trick isn’t to. If you make a mistake, you can continue driving and label the practice lap. Take your lessons, the lessons from mistakes.

Have a good Technique

You must be aware of the track in detail. Try out different gears to put on and which line to take. The line that one person else is taking might not be the best line that you prefer, so ensure that you are aware of the specifics of how you race.

Go beyond the limits.

In the long run, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to reach the limit of your ability if you do not push the boundaries of your knowledge. If you’ve spent the time to learn about the circuit, then you’ll be aware of exactly how fast you can go at each turn. Be sure to take every turn at its highest speed. If you’ve ever completed it before, it’s doable.

Be calm

Two corners away from the end, and you’re already averaging on your personal best. The final thing you want to do is to lose control and commit a mistake at this point. It’s crucial to remain focused throughout the course and do not think about the end but only think about the next round or two.

Have fun!

In the end, you must ensure that you are enjoying the time you spend trialling. It’s not worth getting out of control due to a mistake you made on the first turn, and it’s not worth the trouble. Keep in mind that each lap takes just two and a half minutes. If you have a mishap, simply keep going for the next one.

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