Gran Turismo 5 Review

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Gran Turismo 5 Review

Gran Turismo 5 Review

Gran Turismo 5 or GT5 is among the most desired titles of 2014, but did it meet the expectations of its fans?

Personally, I believe it lives up to its title and more, with mouth-watering graphics and an incredible driving simulation that can help it possible to pass the driving exam. It’s a speedy fantasy. From blazing down a three-mile track at 250 mph to blasting your way through sharp turns on an ultra-light go-kart, everyone’s age group is accommodated. The excitement of every race could push an 80-year-old to the brink or cause a youngster to wish to run some laps in the family room.


Let’s begin the game. If you’re getting your MOT at the nearby garage or changing the oil in your new Bugatti Veyron, you’ll be able to complete everything you could do in a garage GT5. With high-quality animations of garage workers working on your car and the option to search and buy a vast range of second-hand vehicles at bargain prices, each spending reward you get will be like the one you earned the previous. For instance, at the dealership, you can purchase an all-new Audi A4 for around PS50,000. However, at a second-hand dealership, you can buy the exact same car for PS20,000. The only difference would be mileage and possibly the paint chipping; however, you’ll be able to benefit from the lower prices higher than the expensive used ones.

There’s more to this game than just buying cars; with the b-spec and A-spec options, the game can take a lot of time to finish. A-spec mode is a traditional dog-eat-dog-lap race, where you are in complete control. But, the most controversial option is the b-spec mode that lets you control the driver’s CPU by giving commands and orders; however, you ultimately are able to witness an unrealistically poor driver destroy your winning 100% record. Although you are able to rank the driver’s brainless abilities, he is not as good as the person who holds the controller. Most of the features that I’ve listed are found in GT mode, but that’s not the only thing you can do in the game that is near perfect.

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Game Modes

Game modes are GT mode arcade, online, and two players. Even though you could be playing with players in 2 multiplayer or online modes, I’m sure that the majority of your time playing gaming will involve trying to acquire the most efficient vehicles and drivers in GT mode. There’s nothing to talk about other game modes since they are pretty straightforward.

Final thoughts

Overall, I think I believe that Gran Turismo 5 satisfies every requirement for a game of this calibre. When compared to the game Need For Speed, its primary rival, GT5, exceeds it in all ways. For instance, GT5’s graphics are more accurate than NFS since they represent every curve, mark, scratch or scratch on each car. For the setting, I believe it’s safe to say that NFS along with GT5 are in a similar way, but they don’t have much impact since you don’t purchase a racing game to experience the blurred surroundings around the cars while you speed through the air at speeds of 200 mph. In NFS, it’s clear that EA has put more energy in a narrative instead of GT5’s focus on the reality of life that they have included.

My Rating

GT5’s performance makes it simple for me to evaluate it. From graphics to gameplay to the massive Replayability factor. It’s 10/10.



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