Black Ops Zombies Tips

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Black Ops Zombies Tips

Black Ops Zombies Tips

In the case of Call of Duty: Black Ops, there’s any doubt that I have in my head of the fact that “zombies” represent the most fun aspect of the game for me, at least. When I first began playing, I would never get past level 3 or 4 without losing my life. This was due to the fact that I had not utilized a few strategies to get the game going and avoid that gas zombie.

Make use of your KNIFE.

This was the most frequent error made by me when I started playing. Utilize the knife during at least the initial three levels, or more depending on your playing skills. Here’s a method of understanding how many times you’ll need to stab zombies until they die one stab per level. If you’re at level two, you’ll need two shots in order to kill them. If you’re at level 3, it will take three stabs. However, it’s all up to you when you’ve earned “insta-kill”, which means that even if you’re at level 8, you must start cutting the zombies as it only takes one stab over the that you are “insta-kill”. It’s like a tiny skull, and you’ll hear a zombie’s voice when you’ve got it. It is usually obtained by killing many zombies in one go. You’ve hit the jackpot if you are able to get both “insta-kill” as well as “double points” that look like an “X2” in the lower right of the screen. The knife will earn you around 130 points for each kill. Be sure to backup after every stab, as zombies are most likely to attack you in the event that you fail to kill them on the first shot.

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Weapon selection is definitely the most crucial aspect to getting rid of zombies later in the game. Don’t get your weapon in a hurry; I’d wait until level 4 before attempting to use weapons due to the reasons discussed previously. The gun to use is the shotgun. It can only use two shells at once. However, one shot kills zombies immediately, 99.9 per cent of the time. Make sure you wait until level 4 before you purchase the shotgun and any other gun, for that matter.


Double players make it much more difficult for you. Screen size is reduced, and it’s not possible to view in good quality, and you are unable to purchase the “revive” and a two-player revives aren’t quite the same as there will not be any zombies around when you refresh the second player regardless otherwise the 2nd player could be hit by a stray bullet.

Beware of the 6

If you’ve ever walked backwards on the wall towards the point where you begin your journey in the lobby, there’s “beware from the 6” painted in black paint. This is just a warning of the five-level “demon dogs” who are burning and charging you at lightning speed. The strategy to beat them is much simpler than that of zombies. Recover from an area “usually the place where the revive machine is” and then shoot into the dogs while they’re charging towards you. This gives it enough time to be able to hit the dog. Because should you aim the gun at your dog by the time you press the trigger, you’ll see him directly in front of you. It’s likely that you won’t be able to see the dogs until level 5 if you’ve lost your life and been revived a few times prior to the 5th level, so make sure to be active during the first five levels.

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These are probably the most simple points to get and are also more beneficial for you as you will be more aware of zombies advancing through them rather than crawling out of open spaces. The barriers are made up of four that are able to be rebuilt in only minutes within the hallway. It is possible to shoot zombies and stab zombies as you reconstruct the barriers. There’s no reason not to rebuild those barriers.



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