Nintendo 3DS eShop Guide

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Nintendo 3DS eShop Guide

Nintendo 3DS eShop Guide

The Nintendo 3DS eShop is Nintendo’s newest online store that is designed especially for Nintendo 3DS owners. This article will take the user through every one of the Nintendo eShop’s most outstanding features.

In the simplest sense, at the most basic level, the eShop offers a variety of choices. The following options are easily accessible on the screen when you have accessed the store.


The news section informs users of recent changes to the eShop, like a new software that is available. It also reports you of certain things; for instance, recently, it alerted me that I am already in the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program.

Recent arrivals

This section permits you to search the most recent video and software arrivals manually. The most recent videos allow users to see the latest trailers for video games, and the newest software shows the most recent games as well as their details.


Displays the top 20 downloaded programs in four categories that are “Recent releases”, “All Software”, “Recent Ratings”, and “All User Ratings”.

Search allows you to search using other search options. You can search for keywords by Platform or by Genre, Publisher, Publisher and Price.

Wish List It functions like your favourite browser. If you play games, you will see an “Add To Wishlist” button located on the upper screen. Each time you click Add To Wishlist”, the game’s information is added to your wish list.

Rate Titles

All games that you downloaded via the game cartridge or downloaded from an eShop will be displayed on this. It is possible to influence the population demographics by rating titles, such as what gender or age group the player is the game best suited to (for gamers or all players) as well as the game’s playstyle (casual as well as intense) and, of course, the number of stars (which is a number from 1-5 with five being the highest, or signifying that you liked this game).

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The settings/other option is split into several sections. In the area of history, you will be able to check for any updates to your games (your downloaded games currently). You can also view your account’s activity, which will show all your downloaded software as well as the receipt. You can also look through in the “Your downloads” section to look through the entire software you downloaded, but there is also the option of “Redownload” without additional cost. If you do happen to erase something from the SD Card, then you can return it from here.

“Settings” section “Settings” section lets you set how your eShop will behave according to your preferences. You can choose to receive or not receive notifications, for instance, details about your history of purchases and wish lists, location settings (change address remove address) and your club Nintendo account, and also the option to connect the report to an eShop,

“Other,” or “Other” section consists of information like “About Nintendo’s eShop” that explains some details about the eShop, how to remove your account, and the customer support details that include all the websites email addresses, phone numbers that you can contact to resolve issues or queries regarding your 3DS.

Virtual Console

Explore an assortment of classic games by Nintendo that span from Game and Watch to Game and Watch platform up to the Game Boy (monochrome) and maybe, one day, all the way into even the NES platform.

Nintendo 3DS Retail Games

It includes a selection of previously released and unreleased games. You can look up the cost, look at images and game details and play the trailer for every fun. It’s great that the screenshots contain the top and bottom pictures for each screen, providing you with a full glimpse of what this game will look like in your 3DS.

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Within the 3DS Menu, you can choose other options, including those that serve as shortcuts, such as returning to your main menu, searching the wish list, rating titles and adding funds, settings,/others.

One of the most significant issues for users who use the eShop is the purchase of games. It is possible to purchase games with the help of funds in your eShop account. This is something you can do by redeeming the Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card or buying funds with a Credit Card (Mastercard/VISA). Unfortunately, using a credit card is based on the country/region in which the card will be accepted.

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