Xbox 360 Permanent RROD Fix – Never Worry About Fixing RROD Again!

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Xbox 360 Permanent RROD Fix - Never Worry About Fixing RROD Again!

Xbox 360 Permanent RROD Fix - Never Worry About Fixing RROD Again!

How to deal with the RROD

The process of dealing with the RROD is a very stressful process, mainly when you are left with no clue where you should begin. In order to assist you, I’ll list the options to help you get started on fixing your RROD. These options will assure you that you won’t need to repair your console ever again.

RROD Repair options

RROD option 1- Microsoft

The first option is to send the console to Microsoft. Microsoft is an excellent alternative only if the console is still in warranty. If it’s not, it is going to cost $100 for repair, and you’ll have to wait until you receive it back. In my view, this isn’t the ideal option except if you are covered by an insurance policy. This RROD Repair Guide is the best way to start.

RROD Options 2. Troubleshoot the root of the issue:

Identifying the reason for your RROD may be challenging, mainly since there is a myriad of causes for why your Xbox could have an RROD. Most likely, the majority of your RROD issues will be caused by excessive heat. It is possible to fix this with the purchase of an intercooler or an upgraded fan on your Xbox to avoid the buildup of heat. Another way to confirm that could be the cause can be found in that of the Power Brick; sometimes, the brick gets too heated, which causes its function to malfunction. That results in your Xbox being unable to play with the RROD. In most cases, the removal of heat can help or resolve the issue. If removing heat isn’t working, it’s likely; the problem is internal. The majority of motherboard parts like the GPU and the CPU lose their solder holding capabilities or even lose connection to the motherboard. This is sure to result in RROD, and you must report to Microsoft or fix yourself by opening your Xbox. Don’t panic, and opening your Xbox isn’t that difficult and is achievable by anyone who has the at fixing consoles. If you’ve never selected an RROD, I’m confident that you can complete the task in a small amount of time.

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RROD Option 3: Do it yourself

It’s the most effective option, I believe. There is no need to pay an expensive repair cost for Microsoft, as well as you won’t need to wait for weeks for a fix that is as easy as RROD, which you can fix in the convenience of your own home. All you require is two household items and approximately an hour. I’ll show you an in-depth guideline that will guide you in the right direction to repair the RROD of your home. This guide is easy to follow for people of all abilities and includes a variety of images and videos to assist. In the final part of this article, I’ll give you an online link to an RROD repair guide that is required to rid your computer of the dreaded three red lights. I am sure you’re probably apprehensive about paying for directions, and I’ll be a reminder of the alternative to this that is 100 dollars spent directly to Microsoft and then 4-6 weeks to the bank. When you examine the alternative RROD repair options, you see that the DIY fix is a cheaper and quicker alternative.



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