The Complete Guide on How To Fix The Red Ring of Death – All Errors Plus Trouble Shooting

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The Complete Guide on How To Fix The Red Ring of Death - All Errors Plus Trouble Shooting

The Complete Guide on How To Fix The Red Ring of Death - All Errors Plus Trouble Shooting

Guide to the Red Ring of Death Guide

The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death is now a well-known phrase that is used all over the world by the millions of gamers who’ve had their Xbox destroyed by the notorious three red lights. This catastrophic hardware malfunction has led many gamers to feel very unhappy with Microsoft angry at them because they committed the fatal mistake that led to the error showing up on consoles. While they have finally solved the issue with the latest Xbox 360 slim, it isn’t gone completely… as of yet.

Origins from The Red Ring of Death

The reason why this Red ring of Death shows on consoles goes back to the time when Xbox 360 was in the process of development. They were idiots and did not realize the number of items that could fit into the tiny Xbox, which is why they designed everything, tried to squeeze them all in, but discovered that the drive for CD couldn’t work. The result was that they had to shrink the size of the component that was on their motherboard. You’re probably able to guess the thing they slammed, and that is the heat sink. It’s the most crucial element that keeps the temperature and ensures that your Xbox isn’t stricken with the death-like red ring. So they said, “What the heck”, and released the broken Xbox. WALAH, the Red Ring of Death!

After I’ve given you this brief history lesson, I’ll explain to you the possibilities you can choose from when you encounter the horrible Red Death ring.

RROD Repair Options

Red Ring of Death Option #1: Give it back to Microsoft The first option is advised, but in the event that your Xbox’s warranty of your Xbox isn’t expired. If you have an expired Xbox, is required to pay an expensive fee of around $150 and then be sucked into by waiting for 4-6 weeks until your Xbox is fixed and sent back. You should definitely think about alternatives to this one if owning an Xbox with an RROD Xbox with a warranty remaining in effect.

Alternative to the Red Ring 2 DIY Instructions: In the event that the console’s warranty has expired, I strongly suggest following the steps of this procedure. It’s much less expensive, simpler and more efficient. The simple Red Ring of Death Repair guide I’ll share with you is based on the most common household items that are available anywhere for VERY affordable. The three red lights do it yourself fix undoubtedly the best option in the case of the repair of the three red lights guide. The repair guide for RRODs that I personally suggest is located found at the lower part of the webpage. Before you click down to read it, I’d like to give you a few of the causes for the RROD’s appearance, so you are better informed prior to repairing the three red lights. Let me explain to you the reasons behind this issue so you can be sure you are aware of whether your warranty remains valid and you decide to follow the three red light repair guides the moment you open your Xbox and break your seal; you will automatically forfeit your warranty.

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The reasons why the Red Ring of Death

The primary cause of RROD is power Shortage/Surge: Sometimes, an electrical surge or short can cause a ripple in the power supply to the Xbox 360. When the power brick detects the rise in power, it will shut out your Xbox 360 to protect it from the excess electricity, which is similar to a kill switch. This is the only way to avoid giving it its Red Ring of Death. It’s a simple fix, and you’re fortunate if this is the cause behind the three red lights. To solve this issue, simply unplug the device and plug it into your Xbox 360; if this does not work, Try another outlet in your home. This should resolve the Red Ring of Death problem.

The RROD causes #2: Cracks and failures in the hardware. In some cases, it is this that causes the issue. It happens when the temperature fluctuations within the Xbox alter those soldering points. This causes tiny hairline cracks in the points. This ultimately can result in massive damage to the motherboard, which causes the 360 to be the Red Ring of Death.

The third cause of RROD is heat. The majority of the time, heat is the main issue with regard to RROD. If there is excessive heat coming through the Xbox because of the sloppy heat sink, it is possible to melt crucial components of the Xbox 360, giving you ….you guessed it that Red Ring of Death.

Red Ring of Death cause #4: Other causes are many different causes for the three red rings, yet they’re not famous. One of the more minor well-known causes can be caused by the heat compound that sits on the heat sink. If the heat gets too extreme, it melts the thermal compound, which is the part that is meant to keep the heat sink cool. The heating element cools other parts of the unit. When the thermal paste is melted, it can cause a mess within the Xbox and could result in the RROD.

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Another reason for the three light reds is the faulty design of the X-Clamp. The X clamp comes with a poor pressure distribution that results in the motherboard being able to continually move and flex the motherboard whenever the CPU and GPU become hot. This can eventually cause a snapping of the console, which results in that Red Ring of Death.

Problems with issues with your Xbox 360 “RROD.”

If your Xbox 360 is plagued with the RROD but isn’t caused by melting of the hardware and snapping strongly recommend following the instructions below. Follow the detailed tutorials and steps to repair your three red lights quickly and easily.

Before you begin any repair attempt, make sure you first investigate the issues with your Xbox to ensure it has the original RROD first.

3 . Troubleshooting 3 red lights: #13. Cord Check that all your cables are securely connected, and if one of the cables is hanging off the socket, that is the reason you’re getting your RROD. Check that it’s correctly connected to an outlet that is able to supply sufficient power to your Xbox. If the cords are hanging loose, visit a repair shop in your area and have them aligned (very affordable), which will fix the issue.

3 Red light Troubleshooting #2 Restart: Try to reboot your console. If it doesn’t work, then wait for a few hours, then let it cool, then try again. If it works, then you’re good to go. If not, you’ve got the Red Ring of death.

3 Red light Troubleshooting #3 Restart everything Start by taking your hard drive off and the power cord. Connect the power cord back in and switch it on to the Xbox but without your hard drive. If it is working, then it is likely that the hard drive is the issue.

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If none of these Red Rings of Death Troubleshooting tips provided you with the information you need, you may be dealing with a more severe issue that is repairable… AVOID HEAT. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your Xbox is always excellent, thereby avoiding being hit with the Red Rings of Death.

Reducing the 3 Red Lights Using Methods for reducing heat

Tips for Heating #1. Make sure that the Xbox is cool and well-ventilated. Do not allow obstructions to pass in the way of the fans on the Xbox, as this can block necessary airflow from cooling the Xbox, which helps to prevent the three red rings.

The second tip for heating is. Place your Xbox in a horizontal position rather than vertical You do this since there are actually fans on the sides and top of the Xbox that many don’t know about. This will surely save you from the death ring red.

Tips for Heating #3. Avoid gaming for long periods of time. Don just sit in front of your Xbox for eight hours straight without taking a break. The tiny heat sink won’t be able to take all the gameplay and heat, and sooner or later, it’s likely to panic and give players that Red Ring of Death.

Tips for Heating #4. Don’t get an intercooler. I’ve heard from a number of experts in console repair that intercoolers actually blow air back to the Xbox and re-injects the heat back into the box that is the source of all issues, including E74 (Red Ring of Death Error)


The whole article has been providing you with tips about how to choose what you’d like doing with the damaged Xbox 360; it’s definitely your choice. It is possible to pack it away and wait for a couple of weeks and then get it back without the three light reds …..or you could go the more straightforward route and fix it yourself. Here is a thorough Red Ring of Death Repair guide that can quickly get you on the way to improving your RROD efficiently and speedily. As I mentioned, it’s entirely your choice.



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