Top Three First Person Shooters to Follow

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Top Three First Person Shooters to Follow

Top Three First Person Shooters to Follow

We are fast approaching the Christmas season for gamers, which will mean one thing: Fantastic first-person shooters will be released very soon. The competition among FPSs this year is going to be intense, and deciding which one to buy is going to be a challenge.
There are three first-person shooters you must be watching: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Rage.

The hype around the trio of games have been incredibly positive, and every production company will be claiming that their game is the best. However, the final decision really comes down to which kind of first-person shooter you want to play.

RAGE 4 October 2011.

The main reason for Rage’s popularity so to date is the fact that it was created in collaboration with Id Software, the team who invented DOOM and Quake. DOOM, as well as the Quake franchises. Similar to prior Id Software releases, Rage is filled with terrifying creatures with massive guns and lies in a post-apocalyptic world. Rage will be the kind of high-speed super-high-end gaming that casual gamers, as well as serious gamers, will appreciate. Mutants, vehicle combat raider gangs, and The Authority will be displayed in amazing graphics with Id Software’s brand-new idTech five technology, promising gamers an experience like none prior.

CALL OF DUTY MODERN Warfare 3 November 8 2011.

Modern Warfare’s trilogy is closing its doors in November, and players are ecstatic about the chance to play. Every year over the last six years, a brand different Call of Duty game has been released and have been consistently rated very highly by both fans and critics alike. The latest instalment of the Modern Warfare series is sporting new weapons, new graphics and the conclusion of the captivating multi-game storyline. However, the main selling point of Modern Warfare 3 is, by enormous the online multiplayer. In terms of games and sales are concerned, MW3 will easily be the winner over any other first-person shooter in the coming year.

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BATTLEFIELD 3 – 25 October 2011,

Battlefield 3 is looking to be the primary competitor to MW3 this year, as it’s a first-person shooter based on contemporary battle, which makes use of solid storytelling and powerful weapons. For those who are fans of the series, that’s about the time that the similarities stop. The battlefield series is well-known for its sophisticated game, vehicular battles and intense online gaming. Battlefield 3, like its predecessors, has pushed the limits of realism by incorporating the effects of gravity and environment added to bullets as some of the most impressive graphics ever made in the form of a video game. For those who are serious about gaming, Battlefield 3 is a game to buy and will not be disappointed.


The choice of what games consumers purchase is entirely theirs to make, and the three games provide distinct experiences:

Rage to escape reality and seek out images of evil and oppression.

” Modern Warfare 3: Severe and casual gamers who want the broadest range of competitive satisfaction

” Battlefield 3: Hardcore gamers who seek a more realistic gaming experience through graphics and physics

This could be a year in which multiple games may be required to purchase,

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