I Have the Red Ring of Death – Now What?

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I Have the Red Ring of Death - Now What

I Have the Red Ring of Death - Now What

The Red Ring of Death (Cue Horror Music)

I personally know the feeling of turning on your Xbox 360 and seeing the red ring of death flash its deathly lights into your soul! This is a horrible feeling that I wish none of you have to go through. But as we all know, this is not a perfect world, and most of you are going to get a very sick Xbox. After reading this guide, you will be much more educated and informed on how to fix your Xbox and how to prevent it if you don’t already have it.


The origin of the infection lies in the hands of Microsoft themselves. In the development stage, before the Xbox 360 was even released, there was a huge problem that was keeping the console from being released. They could not find a way to fit all of the substantial motherboard components into the tiny Xbox! So obviously, they had to shrink something, and that “thing” turned out to be the same component that prevents the Xbox motherboard from heating up too much. This caused all of the brand new Xboxes to heat up excessively and break because of motherboard flexing or cracks within weeks of the initial release!

Repair Option #1:

The first thing you can do is the best thing to do if you still have a warranty. This is sending it back to Microsoft to repair it. The good thing about this is that you can get everything done for free; nothing costs anything except for the shipping. The only bad part about this is that you have to wait a good 4 to 5 weeks before you get your beloved Xbox 360 back into your hands. But at least all of the repairing was official. Like I said earlier, this is a good option only if your warranty is still valid! If your warranty is done, then this “official” repair will dig into your pocket for a good amount of money, over one hundred bucks. Plus shipping and handling. If your warranty is toast, read the following option to see what is better for you to do.

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Repair Option #2:

The second option to fix your Red Ring of Death is a do-it-yourself guide; these are excellent alternatives to sending it to Microsoft. Although they might not be official, they are definitely effective. To tell you the truth, fixing a broken Xbox is actually much easier than it seems; all you have to have is half a brain and a few household tools. There is nothing complicated about it. The price of the repair guide is also another fantastic alternative to Microsoft. The price range of an Xbox Repair Guide ranges from 40 to 50 dollars, which is nothing when compared to the price of sending it to Microsoft for the official repair. You could easily save 50 bucks just like that by choosing a repair guide over the latter option. A repair guide is a way to go.


After taking all of the options into consideration for repairing your Xbox, there is one obvious choice that stands out the most. This is the choice that is the most economically pleasing and beginner-friendly. This better choice is the repair guide.

So, Which Option Should I Choose?

Like I said earlier in the article, all of your choices should be based on the status of your warranty. If your warranty is good, send it to Microsoft, a free repair is fantastic. If your warranty is as good as nothing, repair it yourself or look for better options.

But Mister, I’m not smart enough to fix an Xbox!

Trust me; anyone can fix an Xbox by themselves; the Red Ring of Death is no match for anyone that attempts to fix it. No matter what age, from grandmas to 8-year-olds, anyone can do it! The RROD permanent fix has lots of pictures and videos to help you fix your Xbox in a jiffy! If you ever have any questions, the excellent support for the guide I have listed below should take care of you in a polite and professional manner.

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If you do get the Red Ring of Death, The guide that I personally recommend for anyone that wants to fix their Xbox quickly and permanently is listed below. This guide features many detailed videos and pictures as well as lifetime support and a guarantee that you can’t refuse! RROD Permanent Repair Guide



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