The 5 Best Xbox Games of All Time

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The 5 Best Xbox Games of All Time

The 5 Best Xbox Games of All Time

Most likely, you are aware of what you’re Xbox is. If not, then you need to be able to get yourself out of the rock that you’ve been hiding beneath for so long because you’ve missed out on lots of exciting things. In light of the possibility that the Xbox is no longer in existence because of its predecessor, as well as some other rivals, I will be putting together an index of the best 5 Xbox games. It’s possible to ask why only five instead of seven or ten. That’s fine; however, I believe the five games listed are enough to provide an accurate representation of the Xbox excitement.

#5- NBA Street Vol.2

Publication by Electronic Arts

Created by: EA Canada

It’s no doubt that NBA Street by EA NBA Street got much of its “idea” from NBA Jam. It’s a good thing they didn’t duplicate everything, but instead, they created an experience that is entirely unique in its own way. It offers a rich and challenging game, and a full roster made up of NBA legends and fictional characters that have excellent multiplayer capabilities. The only downside to NBA Street is that it isn’t equipped with online connectivity. But, EA Canada composed all the essential elements for this to be an absolute essential for every Xbox player.

#4 – Project Gotham Racing 2

The publication was published by Microsoft.

The concept was created by Bizarre Creations.

The game was initially released by Sega with the title Metropolis Street Racer. However, Project Gotham stayed true to its arcade-based roots. Plus, it improved itself by offering over 200 different cars and lavishly bringing quality to city streets in which you race. The only issue with PGR 2 is its onboard soundtrack. It is easily fixed with custom soundtracks, where gamers are able to play their own music for racing. Its Kudos system is an additional feature that comes with PGR 2 that garnered much praise. Simply put, the game gives you a reward for driving in style. Does it get more luxurious than this?

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#3 – Ninja Gaiden

Released by Tecmo

The team behind the development was Team Ninja.

It’s a fact that everyone thinks the ninjas look cool. The very first 3D version of the Ninja Gaiden series was not perfect, but it was excellent in its own unique way. Don’t be a poser. This is assassination at its best. Ryu was equipped with a variety of weapons that had diverse capabilities and combos, which made the game more exciting than the majority of action games. Instead of having various characters, you could simply swap weapons and get a completely new character. Never has killing been so thrilling.

#2 – Knights of the Old Republic

Published by LucasArts

The game was developed by BioWare Corp.

The RPG genre was not able to have a significant impact on the Xbox through all of the years. KOTOR was by far the only game that was decent enough to be included on this list. In KOTOR, you can select to be a part of either the evil or good faction and alter the direction of history while doing it. KOTOR brought together graphics, sound, and gameplay into an intense, captivating story, which earned it the 2nd spot on my list.

#1 – Halo: Combat Evolved

Publisher: Microsoft

Created by: Bungie Studios

‘Nuff said…

In reality, Halo took the whole Xbox market to the streets. It’s a mistake to simply talk about all the positive aspects of Halo and not take into account the amount of hype it has generated since its initial release. The story was legendary and captivating, and highly logical. For a first-person shooter, you can practically do anything you could ever wish to accomplish in a first-person shooter game. Utilize all the weapons you like and drive the various vehicles effortlessly, and carry two weapons that you like. Halo isn’t the perfect game. However, you can’t imagine Xbox without having a thought of Halo.

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