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How To Turn Off Secure Folder

Are you tired of having to enter a password every time you want to access a certain folder on your Samsung device? Secure Folder is a great feature that allows you to keep sensitive information safe, but it can also be a hassle if you don’t need that level of security. Fortunately, turning off Secure Folder is easy. In this article, we’ll go over the steps you need to take to disable this feature.

1. Open Secure Folder

The first step is to open Secure Folder. You can do this by tapping on the app icon or by navigating to the Settings menu and selecting Secure Folder from the options.

2. Tap on the Three Dots

Stop Secure folder warning - Samsung Community
Stop Secure folder warning – Samsung Community

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Once you’re in Secure Folder, tap on the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu with several options.

3. Select Settings

From the menu, select Settings. This will take you to the Secure Folder settings page.

4. Tap on the Turn Off Secure Folder Option

Scroll down until you see the Turn off Secure Folder option. Tap on this option to start the process of disabling Secure Folder.

5. Confirm Your Choice

You’ll see a message warning you that all data within Secure Folder will be deleted if you turn off this feature. If you’re sure you want to proceed, tap on Turn Off.

6. Enter Your Password

To finalize the process, you’ll need to enter your password one last time. This is to ensure that only authorized users can turn off Secure Folder.

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7. Secure Folder is Now Disabled

Congratulations! You’ve successfully turned off Secure Folder on your Samsung device. Now, you no longer need to enter a password to access your files and folders.

11 Topics Related to How to Turn Off Secure Folder

1. What is Secure Folder?

Secure Folder is a feature on Samsung devices that allows you to create a private, encrypted space for your files and apps. It’s a great way to keep sensitive information secure.

2. When should I use Secure Folder?

You should use Secure Folder when you need to keep sensitive information separate from your regular files and apps. For example, if you have work-related documents or personal photos that you don’t want others to see, you can store them in Secure Folder.

3. How do I set up Secure Folder?

To set up Secure Folder, go to the Settings menu on your Samsung device and select Secure Folder. Follow the prompts to create a password and set up your private space.

4. Can I turn Secure Folder back on?

Yes, you can turn Secure Folder back on at any time. Simply follow the same steps you took to turn it off, but select the Turn on Secure Folder option instead.

5. What happens to my data when I turn off Secure Folder?

All data within Secure Folder will be deleted when you turn off this feature. Make sure you back up any important files before disabling Secure Folder.

6. Can I recover data from Secure Folder after turning it off?

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No, you cannot recover data from Secure Folder once it’s been deleted. Make sure you have a backup of any important files before turning off this feature.

7. How does Secure Folder keep my information secure?

Secure Folder uses encryption to keep your files and apps safe. This means that even if someone gains access to your device, they won’t be able to access your Secure Folder without the password.

8. What if I forget my Secure Folder password?

If you forget your Secure Folder password, you’ll need to reset it. This will delete all data within Secure Folder, so make sure you have a backup before proceeding.

9. Can I use Secure Folder on multiple devices?

No, Secure Folder is tied to the specific device it’s set up on. If you want to use Secure Folder on another device, you’ll need to set it up again.

10. Does turning off Secure Folder affect other security features on my device?

No, turning off Secure Folder does not affect other security features on your device. Your device will still be protected by other security measures, such as a lock screen password or fingerprint scanner.

11. What other security features does Samsung offer?

Samsung offers a variety of security features, including Knox security, Find My Mobile, and Samsung Pass. These features can help keep your device and data safe.


1. How do I know if Secure Folder is turned on?

You’ll see a Secure Folder icon on your device when this feature is enabled. You may also be prompted to enter a password when trying to access certain files or apps.

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2. Can I customize the settings within Secure Folder?

Yes, you can customize the settings within Secure Folder to meet your needs. For example, you can set up biometric authentication or change the lock type.

3. Is Secure Folder available on all Samsung devices?

No, Secure Folder is not available on all Samsung devices. Check your device’s specifications to see if this feature is supported.

4. Can I share files from Secure Folder with others?

Yes, you can share files from Secure Folder with others. However, they will need to have the password to access these files.

5. What happens if I lose my Samsung device?

If you lose your Samsung device, you can use Find My Mobile to locate it or remotely lock or erase your data. This feature is also available within Secure Folder.

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