Gears Keep on Turning Until the End

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Gears Keep on Turning Until the End

Gears Keep on Turning Until the End

Along with a variety of other exclusive titles, Xbox bagged Gears of War in the year 2006. The series, created by Epic Games, focuses on the Delta Squad and the other handful of human residents scattered across Sera in their fight against the underground menace known as the Locust Horde.

You are in control of the combat-hardened, grizzled Marcus Fenix, voiced by John DiMaggio, whose adventures have expanded into a comic book and novel forms. Alongside the antagonistic Delta Squad’s leader Delta Squad are an array of intriguing and colorful characters, including Dominic Santiago and Augustus “Cole Train” Cole.

Gears of War 3 brings the fantastic, pulse-pounding trilogy to an end on September 20th. The game has not only Epic Games produced a fantastic series of games that tell an engaging story that twists and turns in every chapter, but the campaign for advertising is also fantastic.

Demonstrating that games are an essential kind of entertainment that is they aren’t “just for kids,” Epic created awe-inspiring trailers for theatricals for every game, each on a grand scale, with a soundtrack that enthralled and kept us glued to the screen in eager anticipation for the next chapter in the series.

Here’s a recap of those gorgeously designed trailers:

Gears of War

We had no idea the dangers we had let us in for when we first observed Marcus Fenix patrolling the streets following Emergence Day. Soon, he’s chased by an unknown enemy, which we only discover near the conclusion of the movie. The sounds of Gary Jules’ cover of “Mad World” offset the sound perfectly, making the first glimpse of one of Gear’s most incredible creatures even more terrifying…

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Gears of War 2

A picture of a poppy at the start of the commercial introduced the world’s symbol of conflict to the Gears story. The viewers were shown their heroes, preparing to take on their fight against the Locusts; Marcus, deep in thought, seated beneath the tree; Cole is intently focusing on the task in hand, and Dom is looking back with tears over a photograph of his beloved wife. DeVotchKa performed the song “How It Ends,” suggesting in a sad way that war might cause more damage to Delta Squad than they could have imagined…

Another trailer, called Rendezvous, was accompanied by the Trans AM’s “Diabolical Cracker.” We saw a wild Marcus Fenix charge into battle against the Horde. The shots were fired amid the chaos, and this exciting episode turned the tide against the Locusts. We were determined to do everything to put an end to the suffering caused by this scourge.

Gears of War 3

It was the first advertisement for Gears started with us seeing Dom driving along the roads of a city devastated by the aftermath of conflict. Bodies are still, buried in dust, echoing the desolate streets but perfectly preserved of Pompeii. As the Locusts hunt Delta Squad, we see that they are also people being hunted by the Lambent are here. The seemingly invincible force could end up being the demise of both races as they fight to stay alive on Sera.

Sun Kil Moon provides the track “Heron Blue.” The catchy tagline “Brothers to the end” disappears to “The End.” This is the conclusion of the story of Delta Squad.

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The latest “Dust to Dust” trailer puts us in the action-packed battle that is accompanied by Mazzy Star’s “Into Dust.” When you take a closer look, you’ll notice that it’s a collection of the action from the first two Gears games that subtly lead into the third with an imitation time-lapse-style photography style. This is a truly clever piece of art. Again, you’ll be able to see the fade-out on “The End.” “…

In conclusion, and finally, I offer an offer that is a treat for Gears fans. The video was released as an additional teaser and also a summary of what was the Gears of War saga – the first cinematic of Gears of War 3. Stay strong and enjoy The Brothers… till The End.

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