PS2 Games You Love Playing!

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PS2 Games You Love Playing!

PS2 Games You Love Playing!

People are addicted to lists. They include everything from top pick-up lines to the most embarrassing things to wear to the bed. Well, I am not. In fact, when I was asked to put together a list of the most popular games available on PS2, I replied by saying, “Are you crazy?” There are tons of incredible games on PS2 PS2, and listing just 20 or 10 is just scratching the surface. I’ve got a better idea, but I’ll present some of the best games to reflect an aspect of gaming for the PS2. I am sure that the particular game you prefer could not be on this list, but I’ll give you the good reasons for why I selected these games. Additionally, I will give you four of the numerous genres of gaming. If I have the chance, I’ll go on to other genres that are not listed in this article. Therefore, just get your teeth into these.

RPG – Final Fantasy X

I’m not sure whether it’s the same way for you, but whenever I hear the word “RPG,” “Final Fantasy” pops up instantly in my head. It’s true, Final Fantasy took role-playing to the next level, and was it was almost theatrical at times. Final Fantasy X is something that can be played today as well as tomorrow and over the next few years. It is an absolute treasure for gamers of all ages. PS2 players. Many will doubt my assertion, but if you are looking to experience the feeling of an RPG, then start by playing Final Fantasy X, and you will know an excellent RPG the moment you play it.

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Racing – Gran Turismo 3: A-spec

There are a lot of racing games that occur and disappear. Some are simply over the top, while other games do not keep the fans in their seats. GT3 focused on “experience.” It featured natural engine sounds, authentic tire noises, and accurate measurements of actual tracks. It was the apex racer’s game and raised the standard for the upcoming racing games.

Free-Roaming – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA is the founding game of free game that roams. GTA: Vice City created such a buzz among the gaming community that it became an addictive game easily ever. Additionally, GTA: San Andreas utilized the momentum generated by Vice City to propel itself from being among the most popular games ever played to become one of the best games ever. The greatest thing about GTA: San Andreas is how it captured the entire period (90’s) and changed it into something completely new. It was the first time in any kind of media experience ever.

Action – God of War

We all know that action games exist on entirely different levels compared to the other genres of gaming. There’s blood and broken bodies, weapons, and women. It’s no surprise that some action games make use of these aspects and come out excellent, but not the greatest. God of War took the gaming community by delight when it was released. It capitalized on the four factors mentioned above and added two more that were innovative and stylish – a sleek combat system as well as an intense level of violence previously experienced in the Mortal Kombat series.

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