BF3 Tips – 3 Important Battlefield 3 Tips To Improve Your Game

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BF3 Tips - 3 Important Battlefield 3 Tips To Improve Your Game

BF3 Tips - 3 Important Battlefield 3 Tips To Improve Your Game

If you’re like a lot of the others who are just beginning to play Battlefield 3 online, you likely feel a little dissatisfied because you cannot seem to get many kills or get killed. There’s good as well as bad for you. The bad part is that you’re not the best at playing the game, something you are probably aware of. The positive side is that you can drastically enhance your game with the help of the most recent tips and tricks that have been developed by professionals and passed on to newbies like you. Here are my top three strategies for learning and winning Battlefield 3 games.

Tips #1 – The importance of teamwork is:

Battlefield 3 is unlike any other first-person shooter game available. You aren’t able to just go out in the open and “pray and spray” the opponents hoping to score some skill points, and then rise to the top of the list. It is essential to focus on teamwork in this game since it’s one of, if certainly but not the primary factor to the gameplay. You must be able to participate in the specific class you’ve picked. You can’t become a medic and then just walk around, not helping treat people. This is an essential role, and you have to take it on precisely like you would in the real world of conflict. It’s the same for those classes. The class you select to take will alter the experience you have to a greater extent than other first-person shooter games available.

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Tip #2: Learn the class:

I would recommend that newbies stick to the assault/medic class, mainly because it is well-rounded and simpler to grasp. Some of the most challenging classes to take include the engineer and recon classes. These classes require more practice to learn and use. If you’re not acquainted with the levels and maps, then you are not going to be able to make the most of these classes. If you are a novice, take the assault class to ensure that you are able to get familiar with the game’s gameplay and also learn the maps. This will help you get some kills and appreciate the game more.

Tip #3 – Get a decent BF3 strategy guide:

I can’t stress this enough. When you get an excellent strategy book, you’ll be able to master the strategies and methods that pros employ to win. You can be proficient by learning the best tactics and weapon designs that pros employ to eliminate everyone that comes in their way. A good guide should include the complete guideline for all the classes and the best way to make your class as effective and efficient as you can. It should also include map strategies for each level of the game that will show you precisely where the most effective places are to build your class. Another thing to seek out is a manual that will provide you with the best ways to dominate your adversaries and how to be an effective leader. As the leader of your team, they will depend on you to show them which direction to take and what they should expect, so a book that helps you develop leadership skills is essential for every severe Battlefield 3 player.

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