MW3 Tips – 3 Important Tips To Improve Your Game In Modern Warfare 3

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MW3 Tips - 3 Important Tips To Improve Your Game In Modern Warfare 3

MW3 Tips - 3 Important Tips To Improve Your Game In Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 has forever revolutionized the first-person shooter game. With its fast-paced play, as well as its necessity for teamwork and tactics, This game is the first genuinely first-person shooter that relies on a mixture of teamwork and savvy strategies to be successful. I’ve been playing for some time now and have learned a lot of tricks and techniques that the pros employ to dominate MW3. It’s time to share with you some best strategies that made me one of the top-ranked MW3 players. I am consistently among the top three players for kill/death ratio scores, not because I’m a professional; however, I was taught the correct strategy to play by some of the top gamers.

Tip #1: Build your weapons and class correctly:

If you are able to master the correct techniques for your particular class and weapons, you’ll be at an enormous advantage over 95% of people. This will significantly increase your chances of survival and make you more enduring and allow you to score more kills. If you’re stronger and quicker than many of the players and it’s evident that you’ll have more kills. But there’s a little more to this game than being more robust and faster. You must learn to think fast on your feet, and this is where my second suggestion is.

Tip #2 – Be unpredictable:

If you are able to predict what the opponent is likely to do, then there is a high chance that you’ll kill them before they take you out. A majority of players follow similar tactics when they are going head-to-head in battle, such as shifting around side-to-side while shooting their weapon. This is a guaranteed way to be killed fast. This strategy might have worked in previous first-person shooter games; however, it’s not going to perform as well for players when playing Modern Warfare 3. One interesting strategy that I’ve found to be highly effective is this. If you come face to one with a player and they are making the standard side-to-side motion, you must immediately get into a standing position and kill them. They’re so busy running back and forth, aiming towards your face, that when they get down, it flies them away for a few seconds, which gives you ample time to reduce them to. This is only a straightforward illustration of how to be unpredictable.

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Tip #3: Get an appropriate strategy and guide:

I must admit, the final tip I shared with you was not something that I came up with; it’s actually a suggestion I learned from a fantastic strategy guide that taught me all sorts of tiny strategies similar to this. These kinds of improbable strategies work exceptionally well when playing MW3 as well. There are fantastic strategy guides on the market that can show you the strategies I use to always be on top of the list at the end of every round. The majority of them will not only teach you excellent tactical strategies and strategies but also outline typical moves of enemies on the map to help you understand where the majority of players travel, allowing you to set up and score lots of kills in this manner also. There are also lovely HD videos that show every technique they outline in the guides that will help you understand how to execute the strategies like the one I described earlier. This is, in my opinion, the key to my success, and there’s no way that I could be a professional player without some of the fantastic strategies and MW3 tips available.

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