4 Tips On How to Get Better at Call of Duty

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4 Tips On How to Get Better at Call of Duty

4 Tips On How to Get Better at Call of Duty

Since Activision, along with Infinity Ward, released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2007 in 2007 in 2007, the Call of Duty game has effectively taken over each PS3 as well as Xbox 360 gaming consoles. It’s caused gamers to fail tests, skip classes, and make their girlfriends a bit angry. If you’re not playing Call of Duty, chances that you’ve been living under a rock, recently been born, or your girlfriend recently destroyed the game on your Xbox. It can be highly addictive and exciting, but when you’re not skilled in it or are constantly losing, you’re not having the most incredible fun you can get from it.

I’m not the greatest Cod player on the market, neither do I pretend to be. The last time I checked, my K/D Ratio in Modern Warfare 3 was 2.29. I began playing Cod in the year Modern Warfare 2 came out, and I had a pathetic 1.24 K/D Ratio by the time I started the game to play Black Ops. I’ve played against players that were in their 3’s or 4’s with regards to deaths and kills. In contrast, I’ve had to play against children who were around the field, causing team members to fall. I’ve observed that most successful players implement these strategies in their game while novices do not. So, without further delay, these are my top four tips:

Tip 1. Play With A Clan

The only time I began playing with the clan that I started to see improvement in Call of Duty. There are several reasons to begin playing with an entire clan. In the first place, once you’re part of a clan, you become comfortable playing Cod. You laugh, make jokes and talk about random things with your clanmates which makes you feel relaxed. Instead of getting up and becoming angry after losing or dying, you’ll be more likely to ignore it or laugh at it with your fellow clan members. Being part of a clan can boost your confidence. If you’re playing with your clan against random players and other players, you’re in a great position to win lots of games. Prior to joining an organization, I never had a chance to win. If you play as a solo player, it is rare to win. There are a lot of young players playing to satisfy their own needs. Nothing stifles your confidence more than losing. It’s not apparent at first, but it can affect your overall ability to play the game. As I was first joining a clan, we were never losing. Every game was more enjoyable, and I improved. I was convinced that every time I played, I would punch my opponent. This is because we were friends. We knew which areas on the map were our favorite locations and also where the enemy was via communication. But, the most important thing is joining an excellent clan, which is my second motive for joining an organization called a clan.

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If you are looking to join the clan, you’d like to join one with a lot of players who are more skilled than you. Like everything else that happens in your life, would like to master something, you should surround yourself with others who already excel at it. This has been more helpful to me than any other thing. Joining a clan that is more skilled than you provides chances to ask experienced players for tips on how to improve and force you to improve by playing with more skilled players. You can discover how they operate and where they travel, and the types of weapons, perks, and attachments they employ.

Tip 2. Play Search and Destroy

For those who have watched Dragonball Z, search and destroy can be described as the hyperbolic time-sink of the Call of Duty. This mode of play teaches you how to survive, kill, and get a better understanding of the map. Search, and destruction focuses on surviving and scoring kills in order to beat the other players and ultimately win the match. I used to play Search and Destroy for a few months before I was amazed by how proficient I had become in every other game mode. All other types of games are relatively easy once you’ve got a decent grasp of the game of search and destruction. Furthermore, places where children “camp” in standard game kinds are magnified when playing search and destruction. A result is a group of novices who are scared of dying, and so they go to hide. This is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse because it can be annoying when you’re on a rolling and a novice dies due to camping so much that the marshmallows are bursting from his gun. It’s also a blessing since, after a couple of days of playing search, you’ll be able to find the locations of the hideouts and will be able to put a flurry of pressure on the other players.

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Tip 3. Keep Your Gun at Mid-Level

There are many gamers who aim their guns down as they move around the map. What happens is that when you are confronted by an opponent, you need to move your gun upwards and on the side that the opponent is on. It takes a lot of time and is not efficient. If you have your gun in place, all you need to do is move it either way. It’s pretty straightforward. However, I’ve seen many individuals who keep their guns facing downwards. It is best to aim your gun with the crosshairs, then aim.

Tip 4. WALK Around The Map

Not to be left out, my fourth suggestion. Take as long as you can, and then do it all over the map. Numerous times I’ve killed a novice who was running through the center of the road. There are two reasons you should not do this. In the first, if you venture into the middle of the center of maps, you could be taken away from any direction. The second reason is that not only can this cause you to be killed, but it also makes you apprehensive. You need to stay as relaxed as you can when playing the game. I’m unable to imagine two situations that would put me in a state of anxiety, like running or moving through the center of the map. In the game, I walk around the map as often as I am able to. It’s like walking around the map, and I am able to respond to events and spot more enemies, regardless of whether they’re located at a distance or in a campsite. It is also easier to target while walking instead of running. You can try running and turning. This should result in a swift move. If you’re not, then walk only. There are occasions that you’re inside the zone, and you know the location of enemies, and walking is only going to cause you to slow down. If there’s no way to be “in the zone,” simply walk. You should walk around the map. If you’re walking on the map, you are able to eliminate enemies who are in the center of the map quickly and only need to be looking to your left and to the left when you’re walking around the map clockwise, and vice the reverse.

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