Best Xbox 360 Online Campaign Co-Op Games

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Best Xbox 360 Online Campaign Co-Op Games

Best Xbox 360 Online Campaign Co-Op Games

Every player is different. Sure, gamers prefer to play in a lonesome manner. However, now that online gaming has become more popular and more gamers are going online to play with colleagues. This is a good thing for people who have family members or friends who are from home. There are a variety of games released with the possibility of playing online co-op. However, not all of them have been great games, however. These are the top Xbox 360 online campaign co-op games that are available.

1Gears of War 3:

The last epic game in the trilogy lets up to four gamers online throughout the entire campaign. The game itself is well worth the price, but once you and your buddies are defeated by all the Locusts, you can test your skills in Horde as well as Beast mode online co-op action. The most appealing aspect of this game is that you get to play the role of the Locust and battle COGs. Gears of War 3 will keep you online for several weeks.

2. Borderlands

Post-apocalyptic game, you’ll have the chance to play with your other players online to play this thrilling RPG. Players are able to trade weapons, utilize various strategies, and upgrade their characters in a different way from their companions. Every player’s class has unique abilities that need to be utilized to help their fellow players. One of the distinctive features of the game is that it’s genuinely an open-world game in which you do not need to play with your online teammates to advance through the game.

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3 Halo Reach:

If you’re not been under the rock for the past ten years, you’ve learned everything you can about Halo and its influence on online gaming. The final Bungie created Halo game was a hit. It features four players in online campaign co-op, as well as the brand new Firefight mode, players who enjoy co-op are sure to have hours of fun ahead of them once they install this game on the Xbox 360.

4 Dead 2 Valve’s

sequel to the original game, players assume the part of a new group of survivors. You, as well as your up to 4 online players, use new chainsaws, blunt force weapons, and brand new guns. The ability to work together is crucial as high-intensity moments require more communication to be able to endure. One of my most favorite online multiplayer games is Scavenger Mode, in which the survivors have to find the fuel in the levels to survive while the opposition team takes on the role of the infected team and tries to stop the infected.

5 Call of Duty:

World at War Last and certainly not last is Treyarch’s effort at the online game co-op. The co-op game allows up to four players to advance their game and unlock perks in the form of multiplayer that is competitive. This provides players to play the game and attempt to conquer a variety of tasks. Of course, we shouldn’t forget to take our Nazi zombies. For the very first time, that we were able to play the Zombie feature in the Call of Duty game, and it’s an absolute pleasure to play along with three others and try to fight off a mob of zombies who are determined to kill everyone.

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