Eight Things Fallout 4 Should Incorporate

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Eight Things Fallout 4 Should Incorporate

Eight Things Fallout 4 Should Incorporate

Bethesda is at the top of its game right now. Its Elder Scrolls series is constantly growing, as is its Fallout series is performing exceptionally well. Rage and Brink did not succeed in this regard; however, they were still entertaining titles. With Dishonored coming out, Bethesda’s next chapter looks pretty promising.

While Fallout 4 has not been confirmed by Bethesda however, the pattern of release of the company is likely to indicate that it will be released in the near future. Particularly after the release of Skyrim, I’ve observed people clamoring for more Fallout and, if it’s based on an engine similar to Skyrim, it’s going to be awe-inspiring. In addition to the prominent, updated graphics, I believe there are eight new features that should be included to make this upcoming release the most exciting to date.

1.) A shorter introduction:

Skyrim mastered this concept precisely. The very beginning minutes of gameplay change from being awestruck to sad in a short amount of time. After that, you’re plunged into the world. Soon after, it’s free to do as you want.

There’s nothing worse than a lengthy intro that leaves you feeling disengaged and perhaps not eager to play. Fallout New Vegas reached its conclusion pretty quickly, but it wasn’t as thrilling and engaging as Skyrim. The Fallout 3 intro gives you some background information about the plot and the story, and that’s always a plus. If Bethesda can squeeze a revealing and exciting introduction sequence in only a few minutes and I’m sold.

 2) Unique Landscape/ Environment

Capital Wasteland was pretty uniform in terms of the environment. A few towns that were in poor condition everywhere ruined houses and corporate structures as well as a few vaults and caves. It was a dark and gloomy feeling in the games. While I’m not saying that it was fun, but the Capital Wasteland was enjoyable, but it did not offer the variety that New Vegas had. New Vegas didn’t address this problem as well. The desert was there, for crying out loud. What alternative could be there?

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Bethesda’s solution to this problem? The legendary DLC packs we enjoyed! They provided us with a brief break from our petty problems and allowed us to be absorbed into new areas, regardless of whether it was related to the main story or not. It was a clever move for them to ensure that the audience was kept calm for at least some time until we started to think about the next step.

Provide us with a unique place or area. Perhaps, a more tropical location or a radioactive rainforest with monster plants and mutant species. Skyrim revealed how huge they could create a map for games. Perhaps a city of immense size, as well as the uninhabited outskirts. In Fallout, New Vegas gave us hope that the human race was flourishing and was slowly but surely building itself. A technologically advanced civilization being threatened by mutant life forms would be interesting to observe. You need to think of something new, please.

3.) Other creatures/ enemies:

I can see the point that roaches will be in the area. Rats are also around, but where’s the creativeness in this? NV created new animals, such as the Cazador, that were really a nuisance. In the DLC, Old World Blues even provided some insight into the way these creatures came to be. The Super Mutants are an outcome of human science experimentation that was a failure. The idea should be expanded on the idea and include other genetically engineered species and human beings. There are so many animals living on the planet that it shouldn’t be difficult to incorporate something that has more flair or perhaps even frightening. Beyond Deathclaws, there’s nothing more to worry about within the realm of gaming. I would like to see more creatures that have mutated and others that suggest evolution is in full swing. I’m tired of planning for a massive battle only to find a few Radroaches.

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4.) Improved Aim Down Sight feature:

Fallout 3 ADS wasn’t the best. It caused firing outside V.A.T.S unreal. This could be the reason V.A.T.S was the best alternative, allowing for more straightforward combat. New Vegas solved this issue by allowing the use of accurate insights, making the ADS feature a bit more natural.

It wasn’t without sacrifice, however. V.A.T.S is weakened because of the removal of the invincible aspect. Personally, I thought the aiming function was a bit too rigid. Another feature that is interesting and could be considered is a lock-on system, maybe sacrificing all attack power in exchange for precision. It could function as a middle point between shooting at normal range and V.A.T.S.

5.) More intelligent NPCs.

Get it out of the way that your friends are fools. They follow you with reckless abandon, often soaring into danger, and even getting killed. They appear to create their own rules sometimes and are always in the firing line—an overhauled NPC A. It would be highly beneficial and would ease many of the problems. I was unable to remember the number of companions I killed due to their insanity.

6.) NPC Upgrading/Leveling:

While you’re at it, perhaps provide the NPC friends with some exciting new options, like the ability to upgrade their weapons, acquire more powerful weapons, or even a skill/perk system. Instead of selecting a particular group of companions due to their advantages and strengths, how about adjusting your friends to suit your preferences? It’s a welcome enhancement. I could go on with additional features, but to build up the NPCs excessively would take away too much play for the character. That’s not a good thing so let’s keep it simple for now.

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7.) More Weapons and Modification of Armor:

The armor mod feature was one of the most exciting additions to New Vegas. Certain weapon types could be modified to add additional characteristics. It was not accessible for every weapon as well as it wasn’t available for armor. If this feature gets upgraded to the next level, it could provide a new dimension of customization. The power armors are always stylish, But how would you alter the color? The material? The design? The same applies to weapons. The possibilities are infinite. The flexibility of this game is a perfect complement to the freedom inherent in open-world gaming.

8.) More Facts :

The concept of factions was an exciting element during New Vegas. It was a convenient method to control your interactions with specific groups, whether they were good or bad. In addition, by increasing the number of groups and how they communicate, the system gets more complicated and deep. Additionally, it’s always nice to have a more excellent range of options. More factions mean more sidequests, which results in more gameplay.

I’m pretty sure that the final product they develop could be an experience with enormous dimensions. I’m not an expert in game development, and I’m sure that the extra elements will be a challenge to achieve and quickly. It’s always good to dream, even though it’s not always practical.

Are you aware of a brilliant idea I didn’t mention? Please feel free to leave a comment and then share your idea!



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