Ferrari Challenge: The Race Experience Review

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Ferrari Challenge The Race Experience Review

Ferrari Challenge The Race Experience Review

Eutechnyx is back with the Ferrari Challenge series. After its respectable debut in 2008, we now welcome the successor within the form of a €15 PSN download, an apparently good deal. Before everything, I discovered it tough to decide its price although. A brief look at the function list found out that new features have been hard to discover. Confident it has a few new tracks and cars and a whole new professional mode, but it truly is approximately it. So, in the end, is it virtually really worth it?


Upon coming into, I was provided with an excellent price range to shop for my first automobile. With the credit, I was in a position to shop for whatever as much as the F430 project, a perfect car indeed. I went with the 360 Modena, certainly one of my favourite Ferraris of all time. Top-notch speeders just like the FXX, Enzo or F458 weren’t obtainable but just a few hours of racing away.

Ferrari assignment the race revel in features sincerely every Ferrari ever launched. From old classics just like the GTO to exquisite fast racing automobiles just like the 599XX. A notable library of motors, however, in case you want different brands, you out of success. the standard automobiles may be personalized by using a livery-enhancing mode. It adds to the pleasure of triumphing in a web race and having the ability to show off your designs.


Ferrari mission the race enjoy has the same modes we have visible within the authentic. This includes the arcade mode, an awful mode that requires you to overhaul all vehicles in an impossible brief time, annoyingly without the ability to save your progress in between races. Happily, higher racing is to be had within the form of the standard time trial, short race or career modes.

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Career mode is absolutely renewed and now closely suits Supercar venture’s interpretation. Customers can pick out between 3 championships in extraordinary areas of the world. And relying upon the region only a few cars are usual to enter.


Arguably the most vital part of a driving sport is racing, and Ferrari’s mission does decently. The racing is very near and thrilling. It’s especially amusing to push and notice the gaps among motors differ.

Because the AI motors aren’t clean targets, they do take defensive traces and make mistakes (perhaps a piece an excessive amount). However, they tend to be a chunk too aggressive. It felt like using online, however, without the rammers. The pc becomes virtually rapid at the most challenging trouble, and it’ll take customers some time to rise up to pace.

A few simple changes are allowed to the set-up of the car, but it is no extra than the absolute simple. Suspension, for instance, is aware of settings: soft and hard. Arguably street automobiles provide ways fewer modifications than their racing counterpart, so it’s no longer a huge problem.

Extra disappointing is the dearth of dynamic climate, tyre put on, fuel and pit stops. These are the elements which could truly blend up a race, but none of it’s far available in Ferrari’s undertaking.

Despite the fact that the racing is super, I can’t assist feel the dearth of proper guidelines and prevailing delight. There is no engineer, and the automobiles are all identical. So no Ferrari 599 vs 612 races possible. Penalties practice a briefly RPM limit, which is annoying but truthful. And whilst you win, you get a couple of factors, and that’s it. In which are the cheers?

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coping with

This has continually been Eutechnyx’s strong fit. The physics were actually excellent in preceding games like the Supercar project, and it is superb on this one too. Ferrari challenges the race to reveal in features an updated managing model, and it shows. With the usage of my G27, I felt the automobile’s weight shift sides and the specific characteristics between the vehicles have been very obvious. Some vehicles are afflicted by oversteer even as others are risky below braking. The diffused differences make the cars feel honestly actual.

Sim racers could be glad to understand that the pressure feedback may be very sturdy. The car’s stability transfers flawlessly to the steering wheel, as do bumps and curbs, albeit a chunk is weak.

With each valuable resource off, the Ferrari task becomes one of the most brutal simulators rounds. Those automobiles are very fearful creatures. A hint too tough on the throttle, and the auto oversteers like crazy; a touch on the grass and the auto swaps ends. The right ingredients for actual racers and informal game enthusiasts; stay away!


This is wherein matters pass wrong; Ferrari undertaking the race revel in would not look excellent. The circuits suffer badly from popping textures like timber, an example of nasty viewing distance at the PS3. And the automobiles are poorly modelled in comparison to the likes of Gran Turismo or Need for velocity Shift. The photograph basic becomes tinted slightly brownish and leaves a good deal to be desired.

On the flip facet, it does appear slightly higher than the authentic Ferrari project and appears the same as Eutechnyx’s Supercar undertaking recreation. And whilst it rains, the game can match the exceptional.

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Sounds sensible, I am glad. Each vehicle has a unique sound, and the group cheers when you technique the main directly. However, I wonder whether the drivers actually pay attention that bit.


Ferrari challenges the racing revel in is a great simulator. The vehicles are tough to pressure, and the AI automobiles are both problematic and lively. However, the portraits go away plenty to be desired, and the game has some issues. For proprietors of Supercar venture or Ferrari challenge, it is tough to justify the purchase. But in case you’re new to the collection, this is an excellent buy.

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