Classic Game Review: The Centurions 1987

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Classic Game Review The Centurions 1987

Classic Game Review The Centurions 1987

It’s not common to see Gaz Top doing the introductions The alternative is Tony Crowther. Together with Ross Goodley, Tony was responsible for developing the computer-based version of Centurions the popular cartoon show that airs on the ITV show Get Fresh. Tony was also the creator of Ariolasoft’s Challenge of the Gobots, and his previous work includes well-known and playable games such as Loco, Suicide Express and Gryphon.

The Centurions are essentially a group consisting of healthy, wholesome men assisted and supported by an individual who is in charge of the mission control. Sky bolts while the guys are on the front lines fighting against the evil Doc Terror. Doc and his gang are constantly trying to take over the world and it’s the responsibility of the Centurions to use their exoskeletons as well as bolt-on systems to take on the evil forces. “Power Extreme” is the cries as the equipment is broadcast from their base in space. Bolton items can turn a Centurion into a human-powered weapon ship, underwater combat, or jet fighter.

The game has three different scrolling levels that have maze-like terrain to traverse. To navigate between levels, you must find keys that are hidden on islands located in the middle of the sea, air or on land. As a droid, you begin by touching one of the three of the pads (Air, Sea, and Land) lets you switch to one of the three Centurions: Ace, Max or Jake. A Centurion has a specialization in one of three kinds of terrains and can also collect keys from the areas where they are experts – but only visually.

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A pack of assault is left behind after a certain number of bad guys are killed and collected, allowing an additional weapon to be bolted onto and utilized. Cases containing deadly chemicals are scattered across the earth and collected when you walk into them – sometimes they are walked into more than once. If the cases don’t get taken care of, Doc Terror will get the cases and utilize the contents to destroy the world.

Another player is able to join in at any moment and work alongside Player One as a team, which makes the Centurions highly efficient (though even if one member of those Good Guys can fly, don’t count on him to be able to navigate through water).

A picture of Doc Terror makes an occasional appearance, which scares Centurion enough to transform him back into a droid, thus the distinction in the trio of heroes is insignificant. Then it’s back to the pads to transform into an exoskeleton superhero and then re-start searching for the keys.


The story of a centurion isn’t well-structured and has no connection to the television show apart from the names that are used in the scene. In the sense of a shoot-em-up, it isn’t entertaining due to its slow and boring pace. It isn’t a fit for any other genre since there’s not enough strategy or variety in the game’s play.

It’s an adventure game that has some attractive frills. The process of running back and forward in order to move from sea to land to air to collect the keys is tiring for sure. there isn’t much else to do in between. Even the additional weaponry makes no impact on what’s an uninspired design.

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My rating for this game is 1/5.



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