Must-Have Halloween Apps for Your iPhone or iPod Touch

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Must-Have Halloween Apps for Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Must-Have Halloween Apps for Your iPhone or iPod Touch

MU-AH-HA, HA-HA… The Halloween season is right around the corner Are you on your iPhone or iPad ready? If you love Halloween as a holiday or just an effective way to scare your family and friends, you’ll enjoy these five apps on the App Store. They can be helpful to entertain guests at parties or as a practical joke at your Halloween event. From music to images the Halloween apps offer everything, except for living ghosts, goblins and Ghouls.

I am Vampire

The majority of us have seen enough to get bored of “Twilight” the series by the time we’re. But, if you’re a teenager or simply a fan who is a huge fan, you’ll enjoy yourself playing IAm Vampire when you turn you and your pals into gorgeous, Twilight-style vampires. If you’ve ever read the books or watched the films at all, you’ll be aware that Bella Swan has been “dying” for her handsome partner Edward Cullen to turn her into a vampire. But if she’d paid $0.99 the app could have done the job herself. The app provides you with glowing, sparkling skin, and astonishing eyes, and completes the task with a couple of teeth.

I am Zombie

Similar to the above and a little more imaginative one is the iAm Zombie app. Based on the name, it transforms your image into a zombie, however, it comes with a lot greater options than the IAm Zombie app. There are 20 distinct zombie-like traits such as giving yourself black eyes, bloody mouth ripped clothes and more. The only disadvantage is that it makes your image into an animated cartoon that isn’t quite as terrifying as when you were in photo-realistic form.

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Similar to the choices of #5 and #4 The Scarface app lets the user modify their own photo or that of a friend to create a frightening appearance. This app, however, makes it to our third slot because it’s more realistic and realistic, allowing you to make a humorous joke to your friends when you share your bruised, scarred face on Facebook. It comes with more than 25 different kinds of injuries that you can shrink, rotate or increase the size of your image. To celebrate Halloween, Scarface includes a vampire bite wound.

100 Horror Stories

The app contains 100 of the most terrifying stories and novels are ever written however, it’s much more than simply a book application. Apart from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula as well as a few Edgar Allan Poe stories, this app has 20 terrifying sound effects, including screaming, thunder and more. The best part is the reason why this app is ranked #2 among 100 Horror Stories has an “auto-scare” feature that plays random sounds at times when you’re not anticipating it, giving your friend or someone else nearby the perfect fright.

It’s the Halloween Scream Machine

Our top choice of apps during Halloween time can be The Halloween Scream Machine. This app is an excellent option to create the perfect atmosphere for your Halloween celebration However, you could also play some Halloween-themed jokes. It is possible to set an alarm that will delay one of the terrifying sounds, then carefully position either your tablet or iPhone near a person who will pass by as the sound begins to play. Better yet, you could make your own terrifying sounds, and then incorporate them into the tracks of scary music.

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