Poker? Solitaire? The Must-Have iPhone Apps for Card Sharks

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Poker Solitaire The Must-Have iPhone Apps for Card Sharks

Poker Solitaire The Must-Have iPhone Apps for Card Sharks

Card games are among the oldest known games they can vary from exciting to relaxing, one-on-one or hugely multiplayer. Games that involve cards also appeal to everyone, no matter if you’re just a child who can’t say “go fishing” or an old weather-beaten player at blackjack tables. The iPhone can also be a hit with all kinds of people and is roughly equal in dimensions to the deck of cards, therefore, they’re the perfect match.
Find out more about the top range of games to play on your iPhone as well as the iPod Touch.

World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend

The World Series of Poker has transformed from a small annually Las Vegas event and late-night TV show to a massive business. Following the success of books, contests and even official poker sets for homes Here’s the iPhone game and it’s not a disappointment. Is the World Series of Poker app is the best method to experience Texas Hold’em– the version of poker that is the official variant of the tournament, either on its own or as part of an online competition that has thousands of participants. Chips can be purchased with real money through the application, which is guaranteed to enhance the experience and be exciting.

Sol Free Solitaire

Sol Free Solitaire Sol Free Solitaire is the version that is free of Solebon Solitaire and is an amazing full-featured program on its own. It comes with six different varieties of solitaire games, all in the confines of a neat, minimal space and with a sound design that doesn’t interfere with what you’re listening to on your iPod and Pandora app. Sol Free Solitaire has a great display that can be displayed in retinas, as well as unlimited undo, stats as well as many of the features that come with an expensive game. It’s certainly worth downloading.

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Video Poker

The name of the game says it all. Video Poker is a “Jacks or Better” slot-style game that doesn’t resemble real cards, however, it replicates the feel of a vintage video poker machine from the real off-the-strip casinos. MobilityWare is the app’s creator who has all the finer details correct, from the sombre blue backdrop to blurred images on the cards. It’s not pretty however it’s so real that anyone who enjoys video poker will be awed by it.

Blackjack 21

It’s not common to see an innovative take on the virtual card game however Blackjack 21 has done it in a blaze of glory pun intended. What separates this game from other games is the use of real-life blackjack-like gestures that are similar to those you’d find in a casino. The players can use the screen to make a bet and swipe downwards to hit. In addition to these new feature games, the animations of the games are beautiful, and many different themes for tables and cards are available to download.

Card Tower

It’s the House of Cards: Sometimes the most fun you enjoy with a deck of cards is simply building a fragile home out of the cards. It’s now possible to take this afternoon of fun wherever you go, thanks to Card Tower: The House of Cards. If you don’t mind the name that is redundant it’s an app with a smart touchscreen interface and seamless 3D graphics. It’s silly but equally fascinating. It’s possible that’s why, in spite of all odds, it’s on the top 10 list of apps for cards in more than 30 countries.

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