Info on Call of Duty Black Ops – The Best Game of the Year

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Info on Call of Duty Black Ops - The Best Game of the Year

Info on Call of Duty Black Ops - The Best Game of the Year

Are you a real first-person shooter fan? Do you enjoy playing the Call of Duty game series? Then this game was created specifically for gamers like you. Many details about Call of Duty Black Ops are floating around the web for months as we waited for the release of this blockbuster. A little over a year ago Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was made available to the public to critical and commercial applause. The game’s various platforms such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, and Nintendo DS – set records in terms of pre-orders as well as overall sales within a relatively short period of time. In the last year, players have been amused and hooked by the short, but the enjoyable single-player campaign, and in particular the highly-loved multiplayer online modes. A lot of hours of play have been put into these modes and made Modern Warfare 2 one of the most popular online games even today.

But, despite the huge amount of sales and rave feedback of Modern Warfare 2, the information on pre-orders for Call of Duty Black Ops indicates that it is a step ahead of the previous game by just a few days until the release date. What’s the reason people are going nuts over this game? Aren’t you thinking that this is “just another first-person shooter”? Let’s take a look at its numerous features to discover why

A Cinematic Single Player experience

The Call of Duty series has established the standard for the cinematic experience offered by first-person shooters. The first games of this genre were about shooting and running all over the area. This includes classics such as Doom, the first Doom, Duke Nukem 3D as well as Unreal Tournament. In the case of Call of Duty, the developers developed the games in such an approach that lets you be completely immersed in the experience of playing on the battlefield. It’s as if you’re standing with your fellow soldiers while bullets fly by you, and you’re rushing towards the safety. The moment you fired your gun at adversaries was like a real-life experience when you felt the fear and dread that you’d be attacked at any moment. Only a handful of developers are able to create this kind of experience.

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You felt emotion towards your teammates like you were living with them living in your life. It wasn’t until you stopped the game or when it was over that you realized the real world. That’s exactly the kind of thing that Call of Duty teams always achieves with every new edition of the game. Are you ready to experience the experience of being in the firing line?

Once the single-player campaign is finished, things do not end there. There’s more replay potential as the newer and more challenging levels of difficulty are available which means you can play the game over and over in a different way than you’ve ever previously.

The Online Addiction

It doesn’t stop there. This is what multiplayer modes are designed for. There is a myriad of ways to set up multiplayer games with your friends offline using split-screen views but nothing beats the multiplayer online experience. Many of you have had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand playing Modern Warfare 2 and other previous editions of Call of Duty. Call of Duty series, there’s something about the game that keeps players returning to play more. It’s a lot of entertainment, and you’ll get the most value for your money when playing this game. It’s definitely much more valuable than that $60 price.

Of, course, there are the standard free-for-all and team deathmatch games that we’ve all gotten used to playing for so many years, but the latest information regarding Call of Duty Black Ops will reveal new modes that make this game stand out from other first-person shooters available. There’s only the number of hours in Halo it is possible to enjoy.

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This time instead of levelling up by earning experience as in the game Modern Warfare 2, in Black Ops you earn in-game cash-based currency “COD Points” through playing matches and finishing various tasks. The points earned by players allow them to unlock various weapons, upgrades, equipment as well as perks and killstreaks that are available in the online world. To make the experience more thrilling they offer specific modes specifically designed for high-risk gamblers, as well as players who are willing to make big wins but also lose largely. For gamblers, there are contracts that can be bought with COD points. These Contracts are comprised of tasks that players must meet in online games. Some of them require time. For instance, if you want to get 20 headshots online in the time frame of 45 minutes. If you can complete these tasks, you’ll earn a reward that is more than the cost of the Contract. If you fail, you’ll lose the number of COD points you’ve put into. Also, there are Wager Matches. This is where the true gamblers are able to participate. In this game, each player in a game puts down a number of points gambling against other players. After a match has ended those who are the best players are awarded some of the pot, whereas everyone else gets nothing in return. What else can you want when playing Black Ops?

The Dead Live Again

If you’ve been keeping track of the latest developments and updates, you’ll know that zombie mode is returning to Black Ops. If you’re not aware, according to the most recent information on the Call of Duty: Black Ops the zombie mode of World at War will be coming back! That’s right that the amazing gaming experience we all love, which was absent in Modern Warfare 2 will be returning and even better. Did you know about the characters that they will be playing? Explore the internet for more details on this because I’m not wanting to ruin any of it for you.

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Zombie mode offers the perfect occasion to break from single-player campaigns and multiplayer online games. Treyarch is back with a game that is both fresh and engaging that it may provide the Left4Dead series with an opportunity to compete. Many players have been posting numerous positive comments about the zombie game on various forums, and claiming they would buy an actual zombie game should Treyarch had to create an entirely separate game from Black Ops. The only way to know is time.

Are you ready for the 9th of November?

Yes, you are reading this, readers. That’s the information regarding Call of Duty Black Ops. The 9th of November, 2010. is the officially announced date for release. Special editions that include bonus zombie levels and Killstreak RC automobile are now sold out. appears to have only just a handful of them in stock therefore you need to get them now to avoid losing them for good.


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