Call of Duty Black Ops: Get Kill Streaks!

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Call of Duty Black Ops Get Kill Streaks!

Call of Duty Black Ops Get Kill Streaks!

Kill Streaks

For Call of Duty Black Ops Online Multiplayer, the player who can produce the fastest kill streaks is typically that player at the highest of the leaderboards. You probably would like to be in that position you don’t you. Well, what if I tell you that I have specific strategies that will bring you to where you’d like to be? You can bet… I DO! These guidelines are designed to assist you in getting where you want to go and make you an improved player. Are you prepared?

Opening a Match

The first thing to consider is the beginning of a game. It is essential to be aware of which direction your opponents will be heading at the beginning of each game.

This involves you’ll be studying your maps over the next couple of days and also analyzing where your opponents tend to begin to go when they start the game.

If you can pinpoint where your competitors are going, you instantly have an edge. Why? Because you can apply this knowledge to strike whatever way you’d like. You can attack headfirst and race them towards their final destination or attack them from behind.

Your first goal

At the beginning of every match, always strive for a rapid three-kill streak. This means that you must kill three opponents as fast as is possible. This will give the player two benefits. If you’re equipped with a spy plane, you are able to benefit from knowing where your enemies are and being able to plan an effective. Another benefit is that you’re slightly safer since you know where the majority of your enemies are.

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I’m saying most of your adversaries since there are a few people who like using ghosts.

Always Remember This

The third thing you need to do every day is cultivated claymores. It is not advisable to plant them anyplace, but no. It is best to plant them along the most popular routes that are on the map, so you’ll have a higher chance of getting an effective kill of claymores.

When you’ve killed five or six people, you must be more cautious because you’re likely to be regretting your death at some point. To decrease the chance of dying, ensure you have a companion around as a single soldier is dead!

Defend Your Self Please

Another option to defend yourself is to use your tactical weapons. If you aren’t aware which area your adversaries are in, you can make use of an improvised grenade to fall into the vicinity, and an image will be displayed on the screen if there’s someone who was struck by your weapon. This will alert you that there’s someone in the vicinity.

It is essential to be careful that you don’t stay at the same spot for too long. You shouldn’t leave the premises for too long.

The Key!

The last piece of advice I have to you, my friend, is to study the maps that respawn; learn the locations where your enemies re-spawn, and also spawn trap them!

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