Streets of Rage Review

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Streets of Rage Review

Streets of Rage Review


The plot revolves around three former police officers: Adam (The only black adult in the city), Axel (Who belongs to Final Fight) and Blaze (Just…blaze) They are trying to stop the criminal syndicate that has been able to take over the city, and even the police force. It’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from the genre of beat ’em ups. it’s Final Fight only without the girl being kidnapped, and with a mayor who wrestles on the side. It’s true that I’ve never said much about the story, but this is all you need to know about it. However, when you play a game like this, who really cares about the plot.


The D-pad is used to start moving your character left, right, up and down and the ABC buttons(the one I have) are all the rest. a button that is utilized for the special attack(the backup) and the B button will use most frequently since it’s the attack button. You’ll be pressing until it gets stuck into the keyboard or controller often these times. The C button can be utilized to let your character jump. Use this button with the attack button so that you’ll be able to jump kick. The game plays fairly smoothly when compared to a game that doesn’t have well-designed controls *cough* spiderman returning from the sinister six*. It’s not like there’s a delay in the actions you’re trying to accomplish.


As you would expect, to do. You pick a character and combat anyone and everyone you come across It may sound boring and dull but in reality, it’s extremely enjoyable, especially if you have a buddy to play with. The two of you fight the brains of other players and then go to the top. Another thing I enjoy in this sport is that it doesn’t only punch and kick, but you can do a wrestling action throw, jump, kick(as mentioned earlier) and then kick them in your head and even call for backup to help out in difficult situations. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I’d like to kick them ….never you’re thinking about moving to the next. There are many weapons available throughout the game you could make use of, such as pipes made of steel or bottle, knife and bat. They can be extremely helpful in situations when you have to fight a group of foes, such as up to 10 or 8 at one time. My personal favourite is steel pipe because it has the greatest distance.

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While this game is enjoyable, it is a classic arcade beat-em-up difficulty. Don’t think I’m not a fan of challenges, I believe that’s a great thing but after the initial two levels, the game goes from being easy to a little difficult and finally at the 4th level, it goes from being a bit challenging and then “O-M-G W-T-F” I’m sure I’ve been killed a number of times in the bosses where I have to battle twins on a boat who evade everything that you throw at them. You aren’t able to get close even if I tried jumping kicking but they simply jumped over me and then kicked me to take the majority of the life bar. And then I thought “Oh my God, this is so ridiculous! I’m calling in backup” and after that, I believed they would be easier to defeat, however, the backup did at all nothing(damaged their damage a bit, but not much) and you know what I did? Rage-quit. Sometimes, however, with regular enemies, I am overwhelmed, but it’s not an issue at all, but it’s the one boss fight and the rest of the game.

Was that all it took to write?


It’s a Genesis game so the graphics are nice however I’m not saying that all Genesis games have great graphics. I mean, some aren’t great, but the majority have a good look, just like this game and its sequels. The attention to detail in this game is actually quite good(but not great) such as the things happening within the backgrounds, the paper blowing around in the wind, characters, etc. There’s nothing much to comment on the subject. I say it’s not as good as the X-box 360 standard, but it was decent in the past and remains so today.

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I love the music that is included in this game. From the bosses, the stages as well as the intro and characters select screens, it’s all good(well for me at least). I like that you can access the options menu, and then play the tunes, and even sound effects such as character grunts and glass shattering think the developers must have been thrilled by the idea of incorporating sounds like that.


If I were to have nothing to do, then I’d definitely try this, even if did have something else to do. I’d play this game I have played the game a lot of times, even after I’ve won it. If you’re looking to entertain yourself for a short time before having to leave somewhere, then play this game. the game comes with many endings, so you can be sure that this is a game you’ll want to play again and over.

Final Verdict

I am a huge fan of this game It was a component of the childhood I had, but at the time I didn’t get past the initial stage. despite the difficulty increases, I’d say it’s a Genesis classic and is certainly deserving of that name because everyone and their moms love this game, so I’d like to rate it 9/10. This is my review, I hope you enjoyed it as there’s more to come.

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