Dead Space Review

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Dead Space Review

Dead Space Review

Let’s discuss Dead Space. The very name, by itself, of the game, could create a picture in your head of emptiness, loneliness and darkness. However, for the gamers who are a bit scared, Dead Space is also the name given to a less well-known horror film featuring players who are stranded on huge ships packed with corpse parts, dead bodies and an alien body snatcher intent on taking your life, then your body, the final step is to smack you in the face with a morphing process that alters it into horrifying ways to satisfy their bizarre needs.

Dead Space is centred around an engineer known as Issac Clarke. Issac and his team travel through space in search of the USG Ishimura which is the “Planet Cracker” its task is to literally break chunks of planets and use that massive chunk to find important material and other resources. An alert had been received that the Ishimura is dark and the crew of Issac was brought in to fix the ship. It’s a simple task, which seems to be the case? Wrong. It’s not as simple. It wouldn’t be a great game if everything was as planned.

The way things went, it turns out, a frightening and hazardous alien race has invaded the ship. All the crew members on the Ishimura have been killed or are in imminent danger to be killed. Now the Issac is on board the ship because due to a minor malfunction on the ship Issac is now on the Ishimura and must confront the aliens known as the Necromorphs and must locate a way to get off the ship alive. Then it’s going to be a battle.

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Visually, Dead Space is freaking incredible. I am awestruck by the fine details in the actors, setting as well as Necromorphs. It’s apparent that no matter whether you play for an hour or for twenty hours you will be awed by how amazing the graphics are. The graphics in Dead Space are captivating not just because of the amazing detail of the setting as well as just the gore element. The Issac suit is extremely detail-oriented, as are the weapons you’ll utilize.

The gameplay moments which take place outside of the ship’s spaceship are incredibly disturbing scenes to see. Gazing out into the void of space as you travel from one end of the ship is quite awe-inspiring. It’s quite creepy to see.

The Necromorphs are also very interesting to see. The detail that is revealed when you gaze at these terrifying creatures is amazing. These bizarre creatures grow increasingly disgusting as you play along in the course of the play. Tentacles are placed in strange and unnatural locations and body parts that are familiar are altered and changed in horrifying ways. The Necromorphs are an interesting spectacle to behold. It’s quite unsettling.


If the graphics didn’t do enough to make the game enjoyable it’s the sound that is what really connects everything. The music, the background music and the voice acting used in Dead Space is a complete game. The tense moments of the game prior to the Necromorph attack recalls the classic science-fiction horror movies. I loved the scenes where the game would be still, then out of thin air, an enormous tentacle would emerge from the utter darkness (how could that happen, you might ask? You’re on the ship! It’s a bit of a joke, but that’s the reason it’s so terrifying) and holds you in its grasp, and threatens to remove you. When the tentacle appears to grab you. A great soundtrack is played, making you leap.

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The gameplay, just like many other games, is a crucial aspect that makes the game. I found the gameplay in Dead Space didn’t disappoint. The camera is always in front of Issac (unless you rotate it around the character) the method Issac handles the controls is great. I loved the feeling to move your weapon and to curb-stomp your adversaries’ bodies to pieces. The grunting sound he makes is what makes it so enjoyable.

The way you manage the weapons is great too. Every weapon has a primary mode, as well as an additional mode. Each mode does something different. Issac’s primary weapon plasma cutter can turn 90° in order to get an ideal angle for efficient dismemberment of the Necromorphs.


I was able to tell that when I tried playing Dead Space for the first time, I felt satisfied after my session. I enjoy being able to play games such as Dead Space in the evening in darkness and with the volume turned up on the loudspeakers. It’s fun to play in that way. It causes you to leap. It might even cause you to scream like a girl as these terrifying alien creature jumps out of a vent, and sprint towards you in an effort to grab grip on you and steal your life away from you, just in the same way as it would steal some candy from the child.

I think you should take a look If you like having fun or, at the very least, being able to scare yourself during the game. It’s a lot of fun. This is why we love watching horror films, isn’t it? To either make us a disgusting experience or to make us scream to death.

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