Buy Sims 3: Is It Worth It?

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Buy Sims 3 Is It Worth It

Buy Sims 3 Is It Worth It

Are you a fan of Sims 2 for years and are wondering if you should get Sims 3, if so then you’re in the right spot? I’ve been playing The Sims for many years and would like to share with you my opinion about whether or not you should purchase Sims 3. A quick reminder prior to beginning with this review: this is a summary of the basic game and it is not an analysis of the additional packs. OK, let’s get started.

Create-A-Sim 4 stars

Let me start with the fact that the graphics are gorgeous in this game. They’re clear and sharp. The customization options offered are incredible and you can change the colour of each piece of your Sim’s clothing using any colour you could possibly think of. Additionally, there is the option of a pattern system which allows you to go into even more detail with your customizations.

Your Sims hair colour is broken down into separate sections. Each section can be completely personalized. The only reason I’ve given an overall rating of Sims 3 a 4 out of 5 stars was because of the facial customization options. The game isn’t as deep as the Sims 2, however, there are some fresh ways to accomplish it.

House Customization 5 stars

One of the main reasons to buy Sims 3 is for the house-building. In Sims 3, they have included the capability of placing furniture in angles, meaning you don’t have to fret about the awkward objects that are placed in the vicinity of walls with angles. Another aspect to be aware of is the fact that there exist many expansions which add furniture. One of the problems in Sims 3’s building houses is that you are unable to simply select a lot and start the construction process. You must play your saved family, then leave it and select “edit town” Then you are able to select the number of houses. It’s not a big problem, just a minor one I guess.

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Neighbourhood Building: 1 star

The building of neighbourhoods in Sims 3 was a disappointment. Sims 3 was very disappointing for me. No longer do you have the ability to create your own neighbourhoods. You have to customize Sunset Valley or download an existing neighbourhood from their site.

There are no longer vacant neighbourhoods available to modify. Also, there is not a compatibility option for SimCity 4, this is very disappointing too. For now, you’re left with Sunset Valley Note: there is currently a “create world tool” World Tool” available for PCs. I’ve not tried this yet, so I’m not going to be reviewing it.

Story Mode 5 stars

There’s not much of a difference between Movies as well as Stories from the Sims 2 However, that said If it’s not broken and you can’t fix it, don’t repair it. The picture capture function is an essential “print screen” however it’s very efficient. The image will be exactly the screen The size of the picture will be exactly the same as your resolution setting for the game you are playing. Video capture options are identical to 2. Likewise, as with 2, the control options for recording video can be difficult to use.

Single Family 4 stars

If you’re a single-family type of person in the previous Sims game, then you’ll need to purchase Sims 3, because it makes single-family play exciting. Every single one of the Sims around you will grow older along with you. When you reach a certain age as do your neighbourhood friends. This was one of the things I was not happy about 2 which led me to want to buy Sims 3. You can also explore the entire globe which makes the possibilities for your Sims limitless.

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Multi Family 2 stars

If you enjoyed playing as a god on the Sims 2, being able to travel from house dwelling, and telling a variety of crazy stories, then I will be sorry in Sims 3 because you have been reduced from omnipotent status to manager. The Sims 3 no longer have the capability to save single families. If you leave a home, the Sims are replaced by computers and play as if you were not there. Sims 3 is much more than a game, it’s an interactive device for telling stories that are a disappointment for certain.

Console play: 5 stars

If you decide to purchase Sims 3 for your console you’ll be very happy since Sims 3 plays wonderfully on the console. It’s identically to Sims 2 but more in-depth. I strongly suggest the console edition.

If you’re looking for a game that has an ending and plot then this game isn’t suitable for you. But should you wish to have control over the entirety of your game, then you should purchase Sims 3.

Let’s get to the story, if you’re planning to purchase Sims 3 then has amazing deals on the game as well as its expansions, so check for them.



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