Zero Wing Review

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Zero Wing Review

Zero Wing Review


Okay, this.. the game is simply wow, I mean wow, it’s got the most amazing/worst opening that I have ever seen in my life. It’s a great game. This game has a horrible translation, but the most famous of which is “All your bases are belonging to us”. The opening to this game is unique enough that it’s simply amazing. I urge you to go and search for this game’s opening on YouTube, but I’ll warn you that what you’ll discover is just too bad that your brain could explode.


Apart from the bad opening, the plot is pretty straightforward Your team is targeted by a guy called “Cats” which is why you’re headed to the scene to take him down to get justice for the great according to the game. The story itself is dull and boring that you’re not even bothered about it and need the game to begin however you’re hoping that the will not be as awful as the opening. …..


Before I discuss the way in which the game plays I’ll talk about the controls. These buttons can be used to fire your guns and the B button shoots a kind of tractor beam that which you can make use of to “grab” an opponent’s ship and then launch it. You can also launch others by pressing the button once more. By pressing Up and Down, the D-pad will fly your ship both up and down while using the left and right buttons will do what you’d anticipate it to accomplish.

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The game is a side-scrolling shooter which is why you would expect something like R-type or life force but you’re not going to get that in this game isn’t designed to be a lot of fun. I’m talking about when I play it, I cannot seem to enjoy it It’s dull and slow, whereas games like R-type are exciting engaging, thrilling and challenging, however, this one feels boring. What’s wrong with me playing Scott pilgrim instead?


The difficulty of this game is horribly messed up. Here’s why: The standard setting is very simple, while there is an equal number of enemies. Additionally, the powers-ups make it much more enjoyable, but the problem is that the easier setting is populated with many more opponents than the regular setting, and the power-ups don’t assist greatly. Tell me, are these differences even? Did they mix the issues up? do you care? Anyway, this isn’t the only issue, not only is the game poorly translated, slow and boring, but it’s also poorly programmed. I am genuinely shocked by how badly this game has been wrong. up…just WOW! I’ve not seen anything like this before . since it’s Japanese so why shouldn’t it be okay.


We finally get to something that’s not bad The graphics are quite good, and the designs of everything are good too. from the ships to the beams, the explosions as well as the background. ….okay The graphics though decent are only slightly acceptable, and the explosions are so boring that they’re not funny at all. the whole thing is so boring and uninteresting, but at least it looks great.

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The game is decent in graphics The music is decent and actually goes along with the action taking place, but its sound effects an average. When you fire your weapon, it will sound pew..pew..pew..pew, which isn’t terrifying and makes me feel like a child using an imitation gun. The explosions don’t do much better also, they’re not particularly loud and interesting. It’s essentially a “poof” sort of noise ….that’s all there is to it. a possible way to describe it.


I’m not going to play this game yet, so what is it that you’re smoking?

Final Verdict
This game is horribly flawed, and I’m not able to stress enough. I’m not even talking about the poor opening since it’s not properly translated into English which isn’t a factor however the difficulty, sound design, sound and that it is boring me are all horrible. I’m sorry, but this game isn’t getting the marks the game deserves. 3.5 from 10.

Thank God that I don’t need to play the game over again. It’s time to play Scott Pilgrim against the world.



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