Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Review – Multiplayer

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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Review - Multiplayer

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Review - Multiplayer

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Information

Genre: Racing
Max. Online players 8
Online statistics Online stats: Yes
Private games No


Hot Pursuit

Racers need to cross the finish line in order to take home the prize. Police must stop them from reaching the finish line.

It is by far the most efficient of all three. Just driving your car well doesn’t always guarantee victory. You must adapt your approach to the conditions happening in other vehicles, and paying attention to the radar is vital. For a racer, it is not a secret that you must avoid cops as much as you can, and try to make it more attractive for them to pursue other racers. Sometimes, this means reducing the pace, particularly on long roads to avoid some of the excitement. Try to avoid forceful mistakes such as hitting obstacles in the face and hitting other vehicles – they will drain your energy. Being part of a team when playing police really pays off and there’s nothing more disappointing than another cop trying to get an arrest with the intention of causing harm to the public good.


One racer against one police officer in a head-to-head chase. The weakest link to online games will not be as exciting as the excitement you experience in Hot Pursuit mode. As the racer, make sure you are off the police’s radar. If you’re the cop, then do your best to eliminate the racer.


Take on the world’s most exclusive vehicles to determine who is first across the finish line. It was nice to have the gadgets enabled as an option to turn them off during the race, which would allow spike traps and roadblocks to slow down competitors. The car that is the fastest wins.

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Car Series in online mode


Events and location


Grand Ocean Coast
Mission Beach
Carson Ridge Reservoir
Coral Bay
Oakmont Valley
Memorial Valley
Boulder Desert
East Gorge Canyon
Eagle Crest
Fox Lair Pass
Big Timber Forest
Rockingham Point


Cut into a cut to Chase (Grand Ocean Coast)
Ocean Blue (Grand Ocean Coast)
Roadsters Reborn (Grand Ocean Coast)
Future Perfect (Grand Ocean Coast)

Close Call (Carson Ridge Reservoir)
Razor’s Edge (Carson Ridge Reservoir)
Spirit of Performance (Carson Ridge Reservoir)
Dark Horse (Carson Ridge Reservoir)

The Escape To The Beach (Mission Beach)
Self Preservation (Mission Beach)
Sand Timer (Mission Beach)

“Casual Attack (Oakmont Valley)
Highway Battle (Oakmont Valley)
Coast from Coast (Oakmont Valley)

Sun, Sand and Supercars (Boulder Desert)
Hit at the Beach (Boulder Desert)
Shock and Awe (Boulder Desert)
The pedal to The Metal (Boulder Desert)

Dust Storm (Memorial Valley)
The End of the Line (Memorial Valley)
Porsche Patrol (Memorial Valley)
No substitute (Memorial Valley)

Untouchable (East Gorge Canyon)
The Calm Before The Storm (East The Gorge Canyon)
The Blacklist (East Gorge Canyon)

Summit Assault (Eagle Crest)
Complete Control (Eagle Crest)
The Snowblind (Eagle Crest)
The Tough Justice (Eagle Crest)

Run up through the Hills (Fox Air Pass)
Extreme Truth (Fox Lair Pass)
In The Fire (Fox the Lair Pass)

Midnight Run (Big Timber Forest)
First Offense (Big Tree Forest)

Arms Race (Rockingham Point)
Snake Pit (Rockingham Point)
Fighting or Flight (Rockingham Point)
Lakeside Dream (Rockingham Point)

Law and Disorder (Coral Bay)
Slide Show (Coral Bay)

Positives and Negatives


Hot Pursuit mode is an authentic online masterpiece. Being a racer in Hot Pursuit mode is an absolute blast when trying to outrun or outthink enemies’ police vehicles. However, playing as cops can be a great time too. While driving well may not always mean you win keeping away from other drivers and aiming just at the right time is just as crucial.

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The Autolog function tracks your performance in the game. It also provides connects you directly to hot pursuit. Hot Pursuit is part of
There’s an App for iPhones and iPad which allows you to keep track of your statistics and compare them to your peers
It’s easy to find a game Hot Pursuit
New cars are awarded when you progress.
Real cars are used (NOTE It is great to create a game that blends the graphics capability that is Gran Turismo 5 with the gameplay of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit)
The game exudes style and has a semblance like ‘The Fast and the Furious the film series
Excellent ‘Pick-up and play gameplay. The speedy number of online races that you can complete in a single session is a great compliment to the quick, pulse-pounding game
The online experience is much more enjoyable than Gran Turismo 5
The majority of Hot Pursuit races don’t tend to end in a stalemate.
It is a game that is addictive. It has that “Just one more game” appeal
It is easy to master the controls and the use of the weapons
Many different routes to choose from About 40
When you’re done with Hot Pursuit, once you have finished the race Hot Pursuit you can spectate other cars. This is an interesting feature. If you’re the cops, you’re stuck to the screen, begging the rest of your team to keep an eye on the racers
No issues with disconnections have been reported.


PS6.80 (800 Microsoft points for Xbox 360 users) for an Online Pass. If you buy the game second hand, it could be costly in the event that the previous owner redemption the code (that is if you would like to play online)

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SCPD Rebels Pack, Racer Timesaver Pack, and SCPD Timesaver Pack cost PS2.72 each (320 Microsoft points each for Xbox 360 users). They give you seven new cars, all of which are unlocked Racers cars and all Cop cars that are unlocked as well. This is PS8.16 total. If you own an original copy of the game that’s had its online code redeemed and you wish to play it online (costing PS6.80) This adds up to PS14.96

Replay feature (like GT5) rather than snapshots would have been more effective. Replays could really improve the online experience
A lot more than eight players in Hot Pursuit would have been amazing
The interceptor mode is the weakest link in the modes. there isn’t any real excitement for one on one opponent
The teammates who interrupt your work as a police officer can be frustrating
It can be difficult to locate races in which there is the entire number or even the entire quota of participants
It is not easy to master as an officer
It would have been nice to be able to see the “weapons” in race mode, at the very least with a toggle option to turn it off or on
Helicopter device does not produce enough results that are significant.


For actual gameplay footage and helpful videos on Need for Speed Hot Pursuit go to [] and enter the review section, making sure to click on the relevant article.



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