Starcraft 2 – An Epic Sci-Fi

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Starcraft 2 - An Epic Sci-Fi

Starcraft 2 - An Epic Sci-Fi

“Some things are worth fighting to get.” These are the words and phrases of Jim Raynor. You may wonder who this person is. He is simply one of the greatest icons in the history and epic of fiction. Yes. Yes. Starcraft has been an enormous success since its inception in the late 1990s. It continues to thrive as a video game monopoly for many decades. Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, ten years after Starcraft 2 Brood Wars had achieved global fame, was released in 2010. Starcraft 2 has been the #1 real-time strategy game worldwide since July 27, 2010.

Starcraft 2 was able to surpass most of the real-time strategy games, if any, according to four categories. These are the following:

I. Storyline

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty was released four years after the events of Starcraft: Brood Wars. The universe has just emerged from a cataclysmic rumble in which the Zerg broods of Kerrigan, Queen of Blades, single-handedly decimated the largest and most powerful unit of Terran and Protoss forces. The Queen of Blades, however, retreated to her planet and remained silent throughout the galactic sector. Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, the Terran Dominion ruler, cured their wounds and regained their great power. After years of being forgotten, the broken-hearted and embittered rebel Jim Raynor is back in the public eye as he leads an insurrection against Terran Dominion. Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty tells the story of Jim Raynor and his galactic crusade aboard Hyperion’s battlecruiser. He will face his arch-nemesis Emperor Mengsk and his dear Zerg-infested Sarah Kerrigan. Jim Raynor’s storyline and character resemble the epic tales that made heroes such as Ryoma Sakamoto and Joan of Arc, George Washington, and William Wallace the standard for military heroism in world history.

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II. II. Graphics

The graphics in the game are stunning. Starcraft 2 is the latest benchmark in animation excellence for all incoming real-time strategy games and other PC gaming. This is not the Beta version. Starcraft 2 features 3D in both the dimension aspect and the transition frames. Graphics-wise, there is no real difference between the game and cinematic cut-scenes.

III. Sound

The graphics are spectacular, but the sound is twice as good. The game’s music and sound system have outperformed Dawn of War, a sci-fi real-time strategy rival. One aspect of the game’s sound realism can be seen in how the Hyperion’s jukebox music fades during the live television broadcast, but the cowboy-themed song Sweet Home Alabama is still audible behind a superior voice from the newscaster who lambasted Jim Raynor’s reputation via intergalactic stream. This is also true for the RPG dialogue, where characters mix vibrantly with ambient noise.


Starcraft 2 stands out from other real-time strategy games by the fact that its management follows a decade-old tradition. Yes. To get comfortable with the game’s functions, fans of the first sequel don’t need to watch a walk-through or a detailed tutorial. What is the learning curve? Are you kidding? If you have played Starcraft since at least ten years ago, then you don’t really need one. You won’t regret it if you haven’t played previous Starcraft.

“Something is worth buying for.” After playing the game, I can only say that. Starcraft 2 is my favorite real-time strategy game, and I believe it will continue to be the best for the next ten years, just as its predecessor. Don’t wait for the Zergs to come to earth! Join Raynor’s Raiders to purchase this game

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