Weekly Video Games Round-Up

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Weekly Video Games Round-Up

Weekly Video Games Round-Up

We’d love to take a look back on the great games of 2010 at the end of the year. Therefore, this week’s Roundup will feature a personal top 8 list of games that made it big in 2010. Enjoy this week’s Roundup!

1. Call of Duty Black Ops

The first-person shooter has already made more than 1 billion dollars! This is a record only the movie “Avatar” was able to accomplish in so short a time. Call of Duty has proven itself again, and I will likely continue to play this game until next year.

2. Halo Reach

Bungie has released a sequel to its trilogy of Halo games. This game is not only great to play but also features many improvements in the game’s graphical design. This is the definitive “BUY THIS” for all Halo fans. Although the Halo series is over, gamers will still enjoy the game for many years to come.

3. Starcraft II

This year, a long time ago, Starcraft 2 was released. It left gamers salivating as it was released. This game not only “mutated” the graphics but featured one of the characters from the original game. This is a fantastic strategy game, which you will spend a lot of time on before it finishes. Not to mention the online battles that will keep you up at night.

4. Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Ubisoft’s second game of Assassins creed was a huge success. You play the role of “Ezio,” who seeks revenge against his brother and father’s murderers. It shows the incredible beauty of Italy in the early century. With a bit of help from Leonardo da Vinci and your acrobatic tricks, you can achieve your goal.

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5. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Five years of WoW, and the danger seems unstoppable. This WoW extension exposes you to the dangers of “Deathwing The Destroyer,” a new evil. This expansion pack includes a multitude of new quests and skills as well as locations that WoW fans are eager to discover.

6. Red Dead Redemption

RDR puts gamers in the shoes of John Marston. He’s an outlaw who is forced to hunt down his ex-partner. Although Marston might seem like a typical spaghetti western character, he quickly shows a depth of personality that few other video games can match. Marston can be a fighter or a hero. He is also sometimes the bad guy. His world is just as deep and well-developed. RDR is a game that can be enjoyed for many years, regardless of whether you add multiplayer or online play.

7. God of War 3

An exciting new episode of the God of War series was released this year. This episode continues the story of God. God of War 3 is a fantastic example of one of 2010’s best games. It features new graphics, tons of new monsters, and many new puzzles.

8. Dead Rising 2

Zombies are still a popular topic in the gaming world. “Dead Rising 2” will look a lot like the first installment. You will need all the tools you have to defeat zombies. These tools include propane tanks and slot machines, but don’t be surprised to see the lawnmower, a popular tool for killing zombies from the original game, return.



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