Aim Down Your Sights Bioshock Review

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Aim Down Your Sights Bioshock Review

Aim Down Your Sights Bioshock Review

Bioshock is the game that forever changed the gaming industry. Bioshock is regarded as the best first-person shooter of 2007.
After installing the game, click on the in-game menu to start a new one. You will instantly be immersed in Jack’s world. You are suddenly surrounded by water and flames as the plane you are in crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. You will be captivated by Bioshock’s sound and graphics. You can swim around, and you will find a structure out of the ground. Inside the structure is a submarine, which you then take to the bottom of the ocean. Rapture is your destination.

Rapture is a highly complex underwater city. The details are unique. Rapture was set in 1960. The advertisements and posters used in the city were created to reflect the 1960 era. Andrew Ryan is the owner of this underwater city. You will meet him later in the game. You will receive a call from someone trying to reach you while you take the submarine ride into the city. The instructions are sent to you, and you pick up the radio.

When I started playing, the moment your character landed in the water, it was like, “Woah.” The beginning of this game was on YouTube. I instantly knew I had to have it. I felt so much better after I got it. Bioshock is a first-person shooter with elements of stealth, fear, and other elements. Bioshock isn’t based on just one factor. It combines all of them, which makes it so unique.


This game’s gameplay is so unique that it changed the game industry. You can use a variety of weapons just like other first-person shooters. You can also use your plasmids. Plasmids can be used to gain special powers like electricity, fire, and ice. The plasmids can be accessed by injecting yourself with a needle near the beginning of the game that modifies your gene structure. There are many Plasmids available to you throughout the game. You can also get tonics that give you special abilities like extra health. You will encounter vending machines, security cameras, and other machinery throughout the city. If you hack them successfully, you will be able to benefit in some way. Turrets can fire on enemies, etc. Security cameras are installed throughout the city. If you keep too close to them, they will activate their alarm, which will send out bots to attack you. The living inhabitants of Rapture, despite all the machinery, are not friendly. Most of them have been genetically mutilated until they cannot think clearly. You can always pick up the items of those who have killed something.

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The Enemies

Rapture has the splicers and little sisters. It is impossible to predict when you will be attacked. The splicers, genetically modified individuals who crawl on walls and ceilings to attack you with plasmids or melee weapons, are known as splicers. The little sisters extract ADAM (Energy that charges the Plasmids) from their bodies. They are the biggest non-boss enemies and protect the little sisters. You have two options: harvest the little sister to get ADAM or free her. Harvesting will give you more ADAM while freeing the little sister will give you positive Karma.

Let’s conclude…

Bioshock is one of the fascinating games I’ve ever played. It is also one of my favorite first-person shooters. It is worth the effort. It is very short. I expected it to be much longer. So, Bioshock, I give you a 10/10 because you deserve it.

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