Microsoft FSX Vs Pro Flight Simulator The Dual

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Microsoft FSX Vs Pro Flight Simulator The Dual

Microsoft FSX Vs Pro Flight Simulator The Dual

Microsoft FSX, as well as ProFlight Simulator, are two programs that you will most likely be familiar with if you are a pilot or a fan of flying. Both are flying simulator programs that allow you to simulate actual flying from the comfort of your own home. This allows you to avoid the dangers and costs of flying. Each of these flight simulators is considered the best in its respective fields. However, in nearly any industry, there is only one that can be considered the best. Which one is really superior? Let’s find the answer.


Microsoft Simulator X (or FSX) is the 10th edition of the popular Microsoft brand flight simulators. According to the Microsoft official website, this version includes everything from GPS to navaids. You have 18 options for aircraft, 31 cities you can fly into, and 40 airports that you can fly back and forth between.

The Deluxe version offers you 24 airplane options, 38 cities, and 45 airports. There are also 51 structured missions. You can also act as Air Traffic Control for other online participants. The simulator is also available in a Gold edition that combines the deluxe edition and an Acceleration expansion package.

Microsoft FSX has new features such as improved graphics and better texture quality. The scenery textures are now aligned accurately when the program uses auto-generated buildings. The FSX has a built-in GPS. It was recently upgraded to include the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit in the deluxe version.

Airbus 321, which is a new default aircraft, has been improved. The weather system and visibility modeling have also been improved. FSX also offers a new Shared Skies function that allows multiple users to access the same virtual cockpit.

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Pro Flight Simulator

This flight simulator allows you to launch from Windows quickly. You can also select the time of the day to fly and sync it with real-time.

This synchronization will enable you to experience actual flights. If it’s high noon in Australia, it will also be high noon in your virtual flight if you are in Sydney. Even better, the synchronization will not just apply to the time of the day but also to current climate conditions and other environmental settings. If there is bad weather in your area, your virtual flight might be canceled.

Pro Flight offers more airport options and airplanes than the Microsoft FSX program. You can choose from over one hundred twenty aircraft and more than twenty-thousand airport terminals worldwide.

You get the basic package which includes twenty types of aircraft. After that, you can download any other available aircraft at no cost. If you wish, you can fly the 1903 Wright Flyer and a selection of helicopters.

For the airports, you have the option to use reality-based, precise runway white markings and placements as well as precise runway and approach lighting effects. You can also use sloping runways and taxiways to access larger international airports. This will be your best choice for an unforgettable flying experience.



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