Cabal Online: A Game Of Epic Proportions

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Cabal Online A Game Of Epic Proportions

Cabal Online A Game Of Epic Proportions

NA Publisher: OGPlanet

EU Publisher: Games Masters

Developer: ESTsoft Corp

Cabal was released in Korea in October 2005. The North American license for Cabal was not purchased until February 2008. There have been seven significant updates to Cabal since then, adding new features to improve the game.

Cabal Online has six classes. After creating a character, the player must decide which character class they will adopt. There are six character classes: Warrior (Blader), Wizard, Force Blader, Force Shielder, Force Archer, Force Blader, and Force Blader. Characters can assume different characters classes. This includes the place they start the game from and what type of weapon or armor they can use. You can upgrade Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity by gaining points after each level.

Cabal is different from other MMOs in that you can not only level up your character but also increase your skills. There are ten skill ranks, starting with Novice and ending at Transcender. You must train to raise that rank. There is an area with Dummy to Attack that can help you level up your skills on any map. These give skill points and can also be used to speed up your progress. This feature is now available to all levels. You can also use a unique combination system to combine different skills, provided you are able to time it correctly.

Nation Wars is another option. Once a character has reached level 52, they can choose to join one of the two nations, Procyon or Capella. Nation Wars has two maps. One map can hold 100 characters (Tierra Gloriosa), and the other can hold 30 characters (Tierra del Bruto). Each nation has its own map. Nation War is about taking control of and holding the outposts and bases of other nations. There are four maps that correspond to different levels. Tierra Gloriosa has a Mission War’ from Level 52-60 and a Mission War’ from Level 61-94. Tierra Del Bruto maps have three caps: ‘Mission War’ at Level 95 to 129, ‘Mission War’ at Level 130 to 149, and ‘Mission War’ at Level 150 to 170. A particular in-game reward is awarded to the winning nation’s players. It lasts seven days. A Duelling (or PvP) feature is also available. This feature is only available if both characters agree to it. You can also wager your money or Honour Points on fights.

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All in all

The cabal can be a fun game if you play with your friends. There are also Bots and gold spammers that help Cabal get past the Hack shield and Captcha. It is also a typical Korean MMO. There is a lot of grinding, and you will be killing a lot of monsters. There are many weapons and armor available, even though customization is not possible. A cash shop is available where players can purchase items like Nation armor and a potion to change their hair color. You can also buy pets from the auction house or from the pet shop. These pets don’t interact with the game world and only follow you around, adding stat points to your already high stats. The game is fun until you reach level 50+, where you can only get poor quests and experience. However, the Nation Wars or Duelling can make it more enjoyable for some players. There are only a few options that can be modified to improve the customization of the game, such as hair color/style or face styles.



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