Alliance of Valiant Arms: A Game of The Future

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Alliance of Valiant Arms A Game of The Future

Alliance of Valiant Arms A Game of The Future

Developer: REDDUCK

Distributor: NHN USA

IJJI Publisher


Weapon customization
Differential in-game classes changes
Unique Achievements


Similar to FPS MMOs of the modern era

Alliance of Valiant Arms is a modern FPS like many others. The game features top-notch graphics, a detailed story, and varied gameplay. AVA is based upon a fictional war between the European Union and the Neo-Russian Federation.

Although many game companies have created their own FPS games similar to AVA, and the game doesn’t break from the current FPS mold, the game’s refined graphics and smooth gameplay make it an excellent F2P game.


The tutorial is offered after character creation. Anyone who has ever played MMOFPS before will find it unnecessary. However, people should still complete the tutorial as it provides some money. In this game, Euros are the currency. It is easy to see how beautiful the environment looks, including the details on the guns, while playing a game.

AVA’s gameplay is quite different from other games such as WolfTeam or Combat Arms. These games use a game engine called Lithtech. AVA uses the same Unreal Tournament 3 and Gears of War engines, but AVA has more sophisticated and smoother gameplay.


Three classes can be modified at any time during the game or in the lobby: Pointman, Sniper, and Rifleman. The names of the weapons that they can use are apparent. The point can be close-quarters, while Snipers can shoot long distances. Riflemen can do both. Each class can purchase their own weapons and have them equipped before they are used in the shop.

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AVA’s best feature is its weapon customization. While only a handful of weapons are currently available, you can change the front, barrel, grip trigger, stock, and color.


You will also find the achievements in other games. The player can earn badges and medals by doing various things, such as killing someone with a bomb or winning on a map. These achievements can also be more complex, such as 1,000 kills or 1,000 hours played. They add an extra layer of fun to the game and allow you to acquire equipment or money.

Pay attention, and listen.

Every aspect of the game interface, from the sounds to the sound effects, screams quality. Even the most minor things may be overlooked. The map integrates well into the game. It is very detailed and shows not only where your teammates are but also where the enemy is located. Also, it displays where people have been killed. The sounds are also well integrated into the game. The voice-overs are not too snarky and aren’t overdone. These small but essential details add to the overall quality of this game.

Game Modes

There are some differences between the available game modes and other tactical MMOFPS.

Escort is where the EU team must escort the tank to the opposite side of the map, while the NRF team uses RPGs to immobilize it. Both sides will swap when the time is up, or the other team manages to capture the tank.

Demolition – This is the name of the game. In many other games, the EU must place a C4 charge within a designated area, and the NRF must defuse it. Another way to win a round is to eliminate the opposing team. If you are eliminated from the round, you must wait until the end of each round before you can respawn.

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Annihilation: This is essentially a team deathmatch mode where each team must achieve either 80 or 180 kills.

Convoy – The EU team must find a nuclear suitcase, and the NRF must stop them. If you die, you must wait until the end of each round before you can respawn.

Prison Break – Four people form a team to find and kill a certain number of prisoners. Then they must fight their way out of prison. There are two missions in Prison Break. The first is Survival. This mission is where the goal is survival against AI enemies. You can get additional ammunition and health packs by killing enemy enemies. Players can also use explosive drums to kill many enemies.

Escape – Players must escape the area before the timer runs out. If the timer expires before the exit point is reached or the player team is destroyed, the mission will fail. Escape has three rounds. Round 1 is to kill all AI enemies. Round 2 is for activating four controllers that will open the gates to allow you to move on to round 3. Round 3 is to destroy controllers with C4 and open the final gate to the Helipad. All this must be done while enemy AI respawns.

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