Dead Space 2 Everything Your Mom Hates in a Video Game

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Dead Space 2 Everything Your Mom Hates in a Video Game

Dead Space 2 Everything Your Mom Hates in a Video Game

Have you ever played Dead Space 2? This :-). game is my favorite. But, I think that Dead Space 2’s marketing team has made a huge mistake with a campaign that I feel is too narrowly focused.


This is the latest marketing tactic for the game. Identify the parts that parents hate, especially mothers, and the ones that are loved by hardcore gamers. These are violence, death and explosions, as well as disfigured aliens. Are the marketing teams misjudging the demographic? Isn’t it likely that most people are playing the game after 17 years old, and may not be living with their parents as much? It doesn’t matter if your mom is against a game that you play when you are 25.


This thrilling tale of deep space adventure is not for everyone. The game’s characters are rich and story-driven, with great dialogue and funny one-liners from different characters. Atmosphere feels almost like another character with its amazing lighting and darkly gloomy artwork, as well as machinery that seems to be on the verge of shutting down at any moment. If you do decide to go down the narrow corridors and bloody homes that populate the areas of the game, it will be a thrilling ride. It begs the question: Did the marketing team adequately inform their audience about what is in store for them in this sequel to The Walking Dead?

Unique Game Play

This unique combat system was created to make it so that the head shot doesn’t rule the world and the body shots do little. Shooting your opponent’s head will only make them mad. This innovative play style creates an environment in which careful aim and smart tactics are your only hope. Enemies are often faster and more powerful than you, especially at the harder levels. Dead Space 2’s marketing doesn’t place the focus on your enemies being the main point of the game. It’s just another horror, first-person shooter.

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It is the most difficult part of any game to make it worthwhile to play another time, regardless of whether you know the ending. Dead Space 2 didn’t create multiple endings, as most games claim, making it more manageable to tackle the difficult levels. This game’s best feature is again overlooked by the marketing.

Okay, this list is getting long. My main point has been made. It’s now your turn. Did Dead Space 2 succeed in their marketing? Although the numbers show that they did well, is it possible that their success was due to the success of Dead Space 1? There were many viral videos, comics, and short films that existed before Dead Space 1 was released. Dead Space 2’s “your mom hates you” strategy targeting a mature audience that probably won’t be playing the game as much, did it miss even more sales? If you had the opportunity, how would you market Dead Space 2?



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