Football Manager 2011 iPhone Review

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Football Manager 2011 iPhone Review

Football Manager 2011 iPhone Review

The ultimate management game is now available on the iPhone with a $9.99 application. Football Manager 2011 attempts to offer a rich football experience for managers on the move. However, is this effort worthy?
Football Manager 2011 is supported by the following 11 divisions and 34 competitions; that should be enough for most players. All major leagues are supported, with the exception of the Barclay Premier League, Serie A, and the Primera division. It’s now possible to recreate the excitement of the Barca and Madrid match anyplace you want.


Contrary to the PC counterpart, The iPhone version is accessible to gamers at all levels by using a simple design. The large buttons and dropdown menu design make it simple to navigate through all possible alternatives without looking through the web for guidance. However, this is not the only issue, as football manager 2011, which is a game designed for mobile devices, is not in any way similar to the actual game.

This is especially evident when deciding on off-pitch choices that the group makes. Scouts, for instance, cannot be purchased and must be sent to specific regions, which is a vast difference from that of the PC version. The finance controls are more simplified. In this case, there’s no way to enhance the club’s treasure chest or even read the numbers. Instead, the game gives you a straightforward budget, and it leaves the budget to it. On the other hand, the game can account for unexpected events; for instance, in my game, a wealthy owner was appointed, and he rewarded over 60 million in transfer fees, giving a glimpse of the depth.

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To conclude this article on a high note, with the ease of access options (though essential), a football manager is able to run at lightning speed with the iPhone 3GS or 4. It was incredibly motivating and addictive to keep playing despite the lack of features. I was able to complete four seasons of my local team in less than an hour – something I’ve never achieved before using the PC version prior to.


Fortunately, the team’s strategies are well despite the lack of firepower on the latest iDevices. Players are able to quickly switch between different styles of passing, intents, or pressure levels. Explore further, and endless options are available from the ease of your own home. It’s pretty awesome equipment for mobile football!

The games are played as a signature map using dots that were in use for many years before the decade. Each dot represents a person, and the movements and passes are shown accurately, generally speaking. However, some silly instances have indeed appeared occasionally. A significant downside is the fact that the game can only show highlights, dulling down any hope of an even more immersive football experience.


Football manager 2011 on the iPhone or iPod Touch iPad is an excellent introduction to the series. It’s a pleasure to have the ability to experience FM via the go with a mobile device. The game plays quickly, and certain features offer glimpses of the feature-rich big brother that has been provided to PC managers for several years today. Because of this, Football Manager on the iPhone is an excellent choice for an easy-to-use experience while you’re on the move.

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