Game Review: Call of Duty Black Ops

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Game Review Call of Duty Black Ops

Game Review Call of Duty Black Ops


A tense and extensive campaign
Unprecedented storytelling, never ever seen in a Call of Duty game
Multiplayer has been extended further with the addition of theater mode and currency
Combat training lets players test their skills against AI before going online to compete


The campaign ends too soon.
In the last few years, there’s been each year new Call of Duty entry into the series every year. Each expansion has been more extensive than the previous. Call of Duty Black Ops is the latest entry in the series and definitely will live up to the fame that this Call of Duty series is known for. Everything you loved from previous games is present, plus the addition of new elements that really enhance the fun.

The single-player game is the brutal action has always been; however, the plot is now more in the middle of being a thriller. The story is based on events of the Cold War and events that occurred during the 1960s. You visit places like Cuba, Russia, and Vietnam. The plot is different because you play a series of flashbacks while being confronted by an unidentified voice. Every time you flashback, you are given an additional piece of the puzzle that leads to the exciting conclusion.

The campaign can be anywhere from six to seven hours in length. However, the multiplayer will keep players returning again and again. The competitive multiplayer features a lot of new features, and each has an appropriate place within Black Ops. The most significant improvement will be the system of currency that is used. As you progress and increase your experience, You also earn CoD points. These points can be used to buy new guns, attachments, weapons, camos, face paint, clan emblems, and player cards. The clan emblems and player cards are equivalent to the titles and emblems that are found within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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The most well-known multiplayer games are played on Black Ops under the player matches as well as private matches. There’s a different game called Wager Matches in which players place bets on their own money and play crazy game styles. There are four Wager Match games, including One in the Chamber, Sticks and Stones, Sharpshooter, and Gun Game. One in the Chamber is comprised of players using one shotgun as well as three life. Players will receive an additional bullet upon killing. Sticks and Stones is a game in which only the crossbow, tomahawk, and ballistic knife are employed. In Sharpshooter, every player is given the same weapon every 45 seconds. They also receive bonuses when they achieve kill streaks. The last game will be a Gun Game where players start with a pistol and gradually acquire more powerful weapons with every kill. The first player to be killed with all 20 weapons wins.

Zombie mode makes an appearance In Black Ops. The first map of zombies is a continuation of the zombie mode in World at War. There’s an additional map to be completed upon the conclusion of the single-player campaign in which several well-known figures are trying to survive.

Every year Call of Duty brings something fresh and exciting to the scene. Black Ops is this year’s winner. While it doesn’t offer any new features, however, while the Call of Duty core is in place, it adds a new level of excitement to single-player, multiplayer, and co-op. The extensive and engaging storyline makes it one of the most compelling in the Call of Duty series. Black Ops is this year’s largest first-person shooter that gives players who are new and veterans alike an unforgettable experience.

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Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Replay Value 9/10

Overall: 9/10



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