Introduction To Angry Birds

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Introduction To Angry Birds

Introduction To Angry Birds

Many of you have heard of the game Angry Birds. This article provides a detailed description of the game, its idea behind it, and the process that led to it. Rovio Mobile is an app firm based in Finland. After a conversation regarding Bird Flu and Swine Flu, The company came up with this story of pigs who steal eggs from birds and the way it creates confusion between these two.

Angry Birds is definitely Scandinavian. This bird has become a famous creature in the country, and the game is a reflection of the culture. The game is based on various characters. The goal to play the game is for players to shoot birds using a slingshot to knock pigs off different structures. In different versions of this game, you will also encounter marmosets and macaws.


This REDBIRD is your primary character. It’s not fancy at all about this bird. When you throw the cardinal, it’s going to break glass or a single wood beam. It won’t even work against stone blocks or stone planks and should be avoided at all costs. The BLUEBIRD is primarily a threat to glass. When you have launched these birds, it is possible to tap the screen again, and the bird will split into three bluebirds.
It is best to concentrate your attention on glass blocks, or perhaps the wood plank could be the target for the three birds to aim at. If you do that, you can sometimes knock the plank over and open up an opening.

The white BIRD can be found in a number of suitable applications. It’s a giant bird that can drop eggs on targets by tapping the screen. If you don’t release the egg, it’ll barrel into the majority of structures to cause bonus damage. It is known as the BLACKBIRD and is often called”the “bomber bird.” Perhaps the most destructive of the birds in existence, it is able to smash through any structure. The benefit is that it can detonate it, causing even more explosions to cause collateral destruction.

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The CUCKOO Bird is two birds joined together that fly in an erratic manner. They can take out more blocks than the average bird; however, aside from this, they aren’t of any purpose. The GREEN Bird is known to be the “boomerang” bird. It can be shot forward or reverse. It’s a nice feature.


The GREEN PIGs are your usual adversaries who take just one blow to knock down their perch. The JUMBO PIG needs three hits. You will be able to tell the level at which you are in regards to getting them out on the number of black eyes. Every hit results in one black eye, which is an additional step towards knocking out. It is important to note that the ARMY PIG has a hard cap and is challenging to get rid of. There are also MARMOSETS, commonly referred to as monkeys, and MACAWS with large whiteheads, that require multiple strikes to eliminate.

The most addictive aspect of the game is that you must get three golden stars in each stage. You can progress with one star. However, three stars are what everybody is looking for. There are a lot of hidden levels and elements of the game that will keep players entertained and captivated. Every bird and pig has its individual quirks and habits that make the game entertaining for everyone. The materials used for the construction of each structure are essential because not all birds will overcome that particular material. I’ll write a separate article on the things Rovio Mobile does to build its image and engage with its fans and customers. The growth of this franchise is astonishing and is fascinating research.

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