The Witchers 2 Review

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The Witchers 2 Review

The Witchers 2 Review

Do yourself a favor by consuming the Dark Arts.

The Witchers 2 is an elegant role-playing game that weaves secrets, sorcery, and sex into a thrilling story.

The game was developed by Polish game developer CD Projekt, and The Witchers 2 is set one year after the initial game. The opening scene takes place takes place in a jail, in which Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist, is being interrogated as a result of his involvement in the murder of the King. After that, the action shifts between Geralt’s prison escape and the circumstances that led to his detention. You discover that he was falsely accused of killing.

As a role-playing game, The Witchers 2 is more linear than other games like The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion or Fallout 3, but it isn’t stuffed with a myriad of moral decisions that can affect the game’s result. Between missions that push the story ahead, there’s plenty to do, including hunting monsters, playing games of arm wrestling, gambling, and brawling. Although it’s a European RPG, the voice acting is excellent, and the cast players perform their roles well. The plot is intriguing by weaving deceit, politics, and sex into a compelling story that is easily understood and appreciated by novices.

In contrast to the first game, The Witchers 2 plays more like a typical third-person action game, and the camera is positioned in the direction of Geralt. Combat takes place in real-time, which means you cannot delay the action to the line to attack like in Dragon Age.

Magic all the way

Being a Witcher 2′ character has its advantages. One of them is the ability to master the dark art of magic. This lets Geralt learn magic signs and use these to gain an advantage when fighting. It is possible to set adversaries on fire, throw them off onto a cliff using telekinesis or set traps with magical effects, or induce them into becoming temporary allies. Being a Witcher can be empowering; however, it doesn’t mean that you’re unstoppable. On the average difficulty, Geralt may be killed very quickly. This is because health potions can’t be consumed in battle.

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Inventory Management

There was a slight issue regarding the inventory system, however. A majority of games allow players to compare the wares of traders with their weapons that are equipped and also the ones in their inventory. In Witchers 2, you can only compare purchased weapons to those you have in your inventory. We also found it strange that Geralt wasn’t penalized for stepping into the homes of strangers and taking their possessions.

Visually, the game is breathtaking and will bring the most powerful rigs, even the most powerful ones, to their knees. The game’s world is meticulously created, and every chapter offers diverse and beautiful places to explore/

Our Verdict

The game has one drawback. It could be difficult for those who are new to the game due to its fluctuating difficulty as well as the high learning curve. Other issues include combat, inventory systems, and a grueling sequence with dead-friendly Al. However, all of that is balanced by an incredible adventure supported by the stellar production quality, challenging as well as challenging gameplay, numerous quests, and a compelling story.



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