Chocolate Tycoon iPhone Game Review

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Chocolate Tycoon iPhone Game Review

Chocolate Tycoon iPhone Game Review

A gorgeously elaborated variant of the Serve, Cook, and Collect genre of games. Fans of Diner Dash will love Chocolate Tycoon.

The Story

Cocoteenie is, a novice chocolate maker, sets out on a mission to rescue Choco Choco village from the oppressive King Choco. Through advancing her equipment and skills every tiny step at one time, Cocoteenie plans to eventually make a masterpiece that will make the mouth water of King Choco and make him give up his evil ways!

Game Play

The gameplay In Chocolate Tycoon is separated into two sections: day and night. The daytime is when the chocolate shop opens to the public, and you get to play an action game that lets you sell and make your chocolates.

To the right is a box that has been divided into nine squares. Within each square, the squares, a random ingredient like Cocoa, Milk, or Dark chocolate will spawn. Tapping on each ingredient will add it to your mixing bowl, which you then will use to create your chocolates. Based on the components of the mix, either White, Milk, or Dark chocolates can be made.

Every type of chocolate comes with an exclusive mix that, once completed, will yield better quality chocolates made of gold. They are then ready to be offered to customers who are in your shop. A prompt response to customers can increase the chance of an assortment of items to be dropped, such as ‘Time limit’ increases or ‘Customer’ patience’ modifier, or small gifts you could give away as a surprise present!

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Additional equipment is accessible for purchase using coins which will be presented to you once each stage ends. You must also purchase the essential ingredients needed to run your business and pay your taxes at the close of each month.

In the evening, it is time to work on marketing customer service, discover new recipes, and make investments to increase sales and improve the quality of the chocolates you purchase. This is a great addition to the RPG aspect of the game since you can meet a variety of characters from the village. A customer list that includes a character’s preferences and dislikes and their level of friendship with you is also accessible.

The unique aspect that this app offers is the ability to design your custom chocolate. It’s not just mixing bits of fruits or nuts into your candy, although this can be found, but drawing lines, making specific shapes, and creating your own unique style. Personally, I find this interesting.

If you decide to create or purchase ready-made designs, you’ll have to figure out how to create them yourself. The process of learning that you can learn in this game is, in fact, a second mini-game in which you turn your phone to the exact direction the Choki (more about Choki below) requires to travel. The completion of the game within the specified time effectively commits the design to memory. Utilizing a specific recipe for a duration of time improves your ability to make it, as indicated by the degree of the recipe.

Do you remember the three little creatures that were hiding under your shopping carts during the hours of Shop, which ate your food ingredients in the form of chocolates? These can be Chokies that hatch off eggs and are purchased as gifts or by mating Chokies.

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There are a variety of eggs, from the standard egg that is rotten, as well as rare gold eggs and some rarer, special eggs. Each egg is marked with a time on it, which indicates how long it takes for the egg to develop into the form of a Choki. Chokies possess a variety of abilities that can help you with your games, and naturally, the rarer the Choki can be, the more powerful its ability. Cookies also can gain the experience and level that grants various benefits, such as increasing the speed of chocolate production.

It’s amazing how intricate this game can be with so many possibilities to investigate and cultivate.


Chocolate Tycoon is crafted with adorable characters and a beautiful environment that are nearly impossible to hate. The cartoon artwork is stunning and matches its genre in quality. What I loved most about it was the way that 2D characters and buildings were presented as standing pieces of cardboard that were arranged in different rows, giving a feeling of 3D to the viewer.

User-friendliness and Game Interface

Chocolate Tycoon uses a clean and simple interface that is very easy to navigate. When you tap an icon, it will light it up and give it a name, while tapping twice will trigger the command. Displaying the icon’s name without having to tap it could be a nice feature. However, it’s not something I’m not happy about it.


There are just two soundtracks that I can tell, but both were beautifully designed to match the theme of the game, and the huge variety of sound effects made an impact that was quite positive on the game, in my view.

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Chocolate Tycoon adds enormous amounts of fun and entertainment to the traditional serve collect, cook, and serve genre. Although it is an essential feature for a Diner Dash lover, it is also a good way to begin for players who haven’t tried their play in this genre.

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