Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

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Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

I’m wondering if, in the next few years, there will be a discussion about IOS games being disregarded. If they did, would they refer to the word in a positive way, or will it be a negative connotation like the one being used now? Whatever the result will be, we’ve received one of our first case studies that are truly authentic in Halfbrick Studios Fruit Ninja Kinect, the wildly popular IOS game made to work to work with Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor. It’s an odd option to play during an event like the Summer of Arcade, and people might be asking themselves why they’d spend money on a game that they already have on their phones; however, the most exciting thing is it’s a fantastic display for the Kinect and perhaps a good model that they can take moving forward.

Ten Times The Fun?

Fruit Ninja is a game for mobile devices that lets you make use of your thumbs or fingers to cut fruit. It is possible that you will need to stay clear of explosives that are mixed with papaya and pineapple, or you could be tasked to score as high a score as you can in an hour or less; however, for the most part, this is all it is. The fruit goes up, and you need to cut it up before it is thrown. It’s an easy game. However, it’s more than worth its 99 cent price. Fruit Ninja Kinect isn’t 99-cents. However, it’s actually 800 MS points ($10), and it’s likely to be a difficult thing for many users to ignore. I’m not sure how to justify a game with ten times the cost on one platform when it does only a tiny amount. Fruit Ninja Kinect has some advantages, but it’s not enough. It’s a good thing because it’s still an incredibly engaging and enjoyable game.

If you begin the game in Fruit Ninja, you’ll see an outline of your face against a background. At first, I thought that this was just a fun way to test the Kinect; however, I soon realized that it’s the most crucial part of the game’s feedback for the player. When you move your arms or move your feet, tiny slashes of slashes will run through the screen, the area where your limbs sit in the shadow. As long as the fruit is on the screen, they’ll be separated in a delightfully soft fashion. Your shadow will tell you exactly where you are and where you are aligned with the objects that appear on the screen. It’s a highly clever design decision as it removes the lack of spatial awareness that a lot of motion-control games suffer from. Although it’s not a form of tactile feedback, it does a great job of making you feel that you’re always able to cut every fruit that appears on screen and never being the victim of a sensitive sensor.

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Users will definitely be curious to find out if the Kinect is working as it should or if it is unable to function correctly. The answer is bizarre. While playing the game, I have never had a problem with the Kinect not being able to detect the swipe of my foot or arm. Beyond the game, it’s completely different. Navigating menus can be done by cutting the names of the modes that circle around an unmoving fruit that appears on the screen. It’s still the exact same shadows as it is in-game, but it’ll typically cut out, and when it is back, it takes a while to get it calibrated. It’s awe-inspiring the number of times this occurs, and it’s bound to leave an unprofessional impression right immediately upon launch. I’m hoping Halfbrick Studios sends out a patch to fix this because after you’ve learned the menus, the game runs flawlessly.

Anyone who is familiar with the game is aware that it’s not cutting some fruits and then watching the points add up. The highest scores have based on the ability of players to cut off multiple fruits simultaneously and also award bonus combo points for each swipe that is connected to three or more fruits and occasionally a crucial hit. If you’re hoping to score anywhere in Classic Mode, you’ll need to get the most value from these combinations. There are also a strict three strikes, and your marker is out that will end the round if you manage to let three fruits fall without injury. Additionally, since the round is over instantly when you cut an explosive and the penalty of three fruits makes this the most challenging option.

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The other way around is that Arcade Mode is a lot more intense. However, it has a limit on time for things. There will be a specific fruit you can cut, and that is thrown down or over the screen. If you are able to slice one within the time it takes them to pass by; you’ll get an energy boost. This includes things such as Freeze, which causes everything to go slow, Frenzy, which litters the screen with tons of fruits at once, and Double Points, which grants you more points. To be able to make it on your leaderboard in Arcade mode, you’ll have to master both combos and the powers-ups trying to combine the three in one go.

The final two modes for single players single player is Zen Mode and Challenge Mode. They’re both boring. Zen Mode takes away the explosives and power boosters and allows you to have the chance to play for longer (but less), but I believe it would be better to have an endless mode that didn’t have had to follow the rule of three strikes. Challenge Mode is exactly the same as the others but with specific objectives in your mind. It is possible to earn 150 or 300 points in Classic or 300 points in Arcade, but the rules for both modes are precisely the same. It’s not worth the effort of calling it an option, and I believe they could have done better in the event that they’d just worked on unlocking the system or even introduced a leveling system into the game.

My Shadow Cuts Much Better than Your Shadow

You’ll unlock some goodies when you progress, but these aren’t particularly noteworthy. You can change the look of your shadow or change the shade of your blade to ensure that your swipes can do different things. It’s probably not something that you should be critical about, but I feel like the game doesn’t do enough to justify the more expensive price tag for the game. I would like to see cross-promotion with other games, so you could transform your shadow to other characters, perhaps, or change the blade to something absurd or humorous.

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The most significant improvement of the game, in my opinion, can be the game’s party mode which allows two players to play simultaneously. Two players are playing simultaneously in their respective areas of the screen and battle for the top score. To ensure that everything is clear, each player is assigned their own shade. But, things can become highly chaotic when each player whacking their arms, and I certainly had a few occasions where I slapped my spouse in the face without intention. She also managed to knock me down a couple of times, but not on purpose. It’s not a surprise (safety concerns apart); it’s the perfect game for any parent seeking a game that they can play.

It’s hard to win Fruit Ninja Kinect without considering the importance players place on price. The game is available to a large number of players at a fraction of the cost of the console version. It is true that this is definitely the best game version available that comes with Fruit Ninja. It is enjoyable on the Kinect and still offers the same short bursts and leaderboard-hunting gameplay, and a wildly enjoyable multiplayer mode. However, it’s still a miniature game that can’t be played for more than thirty hours to one hour at a stretch, and regardless of the number of times that you go back, there’s no way of progress. Fruit Ninja Kinect is then perhaps best summarized in words “what one sees is exactly what they will get.” The game is thin and limiting, but the result is an incredible amount of enjoyment.

Final Score 75 percent

70-74 70% 70-74 “Strong” The maximum range of standard, this game offers sufficient technical skill and/or entertainment; however, it lacks the polish or depth needed to make it stand out. Some people will claim that it’s the best. Others will argue the contrary. We’ll be content.

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