Darkspore: Online Dungeon Crawl Review

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Darkspore Online Dungeon Crawl Review

Darkspore Online Dungeon Crawl Review

Quick Game Overview

Darkspore can be a bit confusing/overwhelming to a new player. For example, initially, you’re rewarded for opening each one of the obelisks (for more superficial reasons, consider it the treasure chest) you come across. However, when it comes to the boss area, If you do open the ones that contain only power and health capsules and count against you in determining the odds of getting superior loot’ after the quest. There’s a distinct difference between these obelisks; however, that is the standard (‘good’) obelisks are blue while those with health (‘bad’) obelisks are green. But, this difference in color did not matter to me until the beginning stages of the game. One of them offered me catalysts and loot, while the other provided me with power and health capsules. It just made sense to open them all in the event that you were aware of an objective log (shortcut key “O”) this early in the game.

The player is the Progenitor and gains levels and experience through killing, slaying, and eliminating the entire Darkspore within your path. To do this, however, you have to first edit your heroes using the correct equipment and, more importantly, appearances (or is the reverse true?). Each character is one of five types: cyber, bioplasma, necro, or quantum. Unfortunately, the only value that your heroes’ types hold is the fact that Darkspore is able to deal 100% higher damage when compared to other heroes with the same type. Your heroes, on the other hand, provide the same amount of damage to all types. Furthermore, each hero belongs to one of three “classes,” which include the sentinel tank-type whose main strength stat is strength as well as the ravager melee fighter, whose to deal damage is determined by dexterity, and the last one is the tempest, a mind-focused type of caster. The heroes that you choose to use have to create squads, which are made up of 3 heroes, which can be interchangeable throughout each challenge (Darkspore’s designation for each level) for as long as they’re alive. If one or more of your group members experience the loss of the hero of their choice, they may be revived by picking up and resurrection capsule’ at random Darkspore. It’s like an empty capsule, surrounded by a white glow. In contrast, other capsules need to be activated in order for used.

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The game’s currency is DNA, which can be acquired by dropping mobs, either in the form of the strand or by selling devices to a DNA conversion store (the retailer). DNA can be used to purchase upgrades, such as more excellent stats of your hero, a larger size of your inventory, opening catalyst slots, and so on. All of this can be accomplished through your Arsenal when you open your account (‘I’) and click the tab ‘Upgrades’ in the converter for DNA.


Unfortunately, there’s nothing to play PvP in Darkspore. It’s a 2v2 game on an arena-sized map. In it, you as well as your companion’s three heroes that you choose to play against randomly chosen opponents. It’s possible that there’s no PvP whatsoever. If you don’t have a friend who you can join forces with, you’ll be joined by an unrelated player, that is, if you’ve got the patience to participate in matchmaking for long enough to locate one.


If you do find yourself lost, the blood trails are a good indication of where you’ve been. Pressing ‘N’ at the keyboard can open the arrow in your mini-map that will lead you to the finish of each stage (and ensure that you don’t forget any goals on the way)
As previously mentioned, the “O” shortcut is used to open each level’s objective log.
The secret to success in a team is flexibility and flexibility. You should be able to change your hero’s kinds and classes to be prepared for any unique adversaries you might encounter.
A hero with the ability to heal, such as Mediation or Tork to your squads, can be highly beneficial.
Get a link bonus from your catalysts when you link the identical color horizontally or vertically, or diagonally.
If you can, the benefits are substantial.

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This is an online dungeon-crawl with 25 heroes (100 total, with four variations of each), beautiful levels, unique and kind abilities and skills with co-op games, and, of course, fantastic loot.
– The “chaining” of threats, the completion of consecutive levels to earn more rewards
The ability to customize heroes is impressive. You could easily make your hero’s appearance as unique or funny as you’d like
– The capability to employ not only one three heroes, but three as a team
Each hero has their own abilities as a member of a squad that can be used by anyone
– For players who like having a statistics sheet to peruse, Darkspore keeps track of the most basic statistics like playing time, XP level killings, deaths, the ratio of kill to death, maximum damage, max heal, and more.


The Matchmaking system is practically useless (see some suggestions below)
There are 100 heroes to choose from, and it would be great to have more than three squads and just nine heroes.
A poor design of the teleports to boss zones (at the end of levels) could cause you to get rid of precious loot.
You can’t equip new loot when you acquire it, and this is only possible in the editor.
It is impossible to change the camera’s angles (in-game)
It’s impossible to switch “alt + tab” out of full-screen mode to return to the game.
The same design is reused repeatedly.

Other thoughts/suggestions

The duration of the amount of time spent is by seconds (obviously not an issue.. however it is annoying)
The narration and the bland story demanded that I turn off my music so I might look at the very least attempt to play the game.
In lieu of the heroes I wanted to play with, I often used the heroes I had the best weapons at the moment.
Trade between players or an auction house system could do great things for this type of game.
The queue for matchmaking could be 1000x more efficient when players did something other than sitting at the screen to make a match for a minute until it was timed out. Allow users to modify their squads or heroes and even play as a solo players while waiting for the group.

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Self-resurrecting mobs buff can be very unstable and only resurrect a small fraction of the time. Sometimes they are invisible for a while and then disappear.
If you make use of Skar’s “Shadow Cloak” (invisibility) ability during a horde fight in which a mutation agent is present, the agent will transform all enemies around into elites.



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