Halo Reach Winter Contingency Walkthrough on Legendary, Alone

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Halo Reach Winter Contingency Walkthrough on Legendary, Alone

Halo Reach Winter Contingency Walkthrough on Legendary, Alone

Part 1: Noble Team

The game begins with an assault rifle with 600 ammo and Magnum with 70 rounds. You’re traveling in a falcon along with Carter as well as Jun, and you land on the incline to look for a distress signal below. The warning beacon appears to be fake and made by covenant forces as an escape plan. If you race through the hills, you’ll discover an invisible Elite in spec operations, escaping from the scene, probably the person who set up the trap. It will not strike you even if you shoot at it, and it will go away when it crosses the bridge. If you take out this Elite, you will be able to drop it a pad that has information on covenant glassing.

When you reach the distress signal and potentially eliminate the Elite Special Operations, you can move towards the left. Take the path that leads to an apartment, and you’ll find a second construction that has three farmers. Jorge will speak to the farmers, and they’ll warn you about “something in the fields.” Continue to follow the path to the right, and you’ll come to the farm building, which has an agreement outside. This is known as the “Outlook” firefight mission. There is a Skirmisher major wearing a needle rifle at the high up on the left. If it is able to see your presence, it rings to ask for backup. This causes seven ordinary Grunts and one Grunt ultra as well as three minor Skirmishers, with needlers to advance and take on. The three Skirmisher minors move down the basement under you while they remain outside, while the Grunts, as well as the watchmen, remain outside. Take out the major Skirmisher and the Grunts by opening the window using your magnum and use the wall that is next to the windows to protect. After that, climb the steps to the basement to kill the Skirmishers. When you leave your building, swans be attacking Jun’s falcon. However, they are not any threat to you. Change your assault rifle to one of the Plasma pistols of Grunt prior to leaving.

Go forward through the farm and through the gate, and there is the Grunt minor and a Grunt ultra, who you must take out with headshots of magnum. When you cross the bridge area, a phantom is likely to release six ordinary Grunts and one Grunt ultra and three Skirmisher Majors in the rocks that are on the other end from the bridge. The phantom will take a while to disappear before crossing the bridge and making use of one of the massive rocks as a cover. Take out all enemies with headshots of magnum before moving to the new rocks to cover you when necessary.

After you have killed these enemies and traverse the river, you’ll discover four Grunts and an Elite major, as well as three Elite ultras and an Elite general sporting an assault rifle. The first step is to kill the Grunts using your magnum, making use of the massive stone in the middle of the tree for protection. Move backward and into the building on your left. The building will give you adequate protection from Elites. When the Elites are focused on other Spartans and not on you, leave the building and take out one of their shields by firing an excessively charged plasma gunshot. Kill them quickly by firing a magnum headshot prior to their comrades injuring you, and then walk back inside the building to stay clear of fire from enemies. Repeat this strategy to take out all the Elites and the general. After killing the final Elite, take a new Plasma pistol out of one Grunts’ bodies, and move forward, aiming for the small cliff on your left and then leap down to get into your next rally spot.

Second Part: Rebels do not leave burns from plasma

At the lowest point of the cliff, you’ll find the health kit and truck. Restock on your health, if needed. When you get into the truck, the carter will be in the front seat, while Jorge will be riding in the back. Since Jorge has a turret to protect him, the truck will have the same firepower as an ordinary warthog. However, there’s an achievement if you complete this challenge without involving any vehicles, so use sprint instead if you don’t have the achievement.

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Along the way, there are two majors of the Skirmisher, one equipped with a needle rifle. In the back of a truck or walking, Kill these Skirmishers and switch your magnum to that needle gun. The route will take you over a bridge before reaching a fork on the road. The right way will take you to a small settlement that is dotted with covenants. However, getting rid of the settlement isn’t the goal. Therefore, I would suggest you take the left route to avoid it.

If you choose the correct route, It is likely that you will find yourself in a courtyard that is surrounded by buildings. There you will see the following four Grunts as well as an elite minor. Go into the building to your left and eliminate the Grunts and then the Elite. Leave through the many garage door located in the middle of the building. If you’ve got a truck, you are able to pass right by the battle without harming the enemy. In the building, you’ll find an assault rifle and a magnum of 16 ammo along with a grenade as well as two health kits.

The two paths meet with a vast open area that has a covenant antenna on the left. If you’ve arrived fast, you’ll find two skirmishers, one of which has needle rifles. Kill them all, and then include the needle rifle ammo in your own needle rifle. Continue along the trail until you reach the river. Depending on the speed at which you made it to the river, there will be various enemies. It is common to find at minimum 5 Grunts on the banks. However, there may be more Grunts or Skirmishers and even the spirit. Utilize the rocks along the other side of the river as a cover to eliminate all the infantry light that you see by shooting headshots with a needle rifle. Go across the river to the structures on the opposite side. You will see three or four additional Grunts as well as an elite major. The Grunts are first killed before you kill the Elite, and then you will receive the distress signal of Corporal Travis. The two marines are trying to protect themselves from covenants in a different settlement, and Carter orders you to save the marines.

Leave the town you are in now and follow the left-hand path up the hill. The second left will take you to the building with marines. On the lower level of the left side of the building is a 30- ammo DMR at the center of the garage. It is which is marked with the symbol or ordinance. Change your needle rifle for the DMR and leave the garage. If you have not killed two skirmishers near the crossroads, you’ll see them in the distance outside the garage. Kill them if you can see them, and then hide behind the four barrels. The spirit will appear with seven Grunts. Take them out with your DMR to remove them from your cover.

Once you have killed these Grunts, move forward, and turn left to follow the road. You can then walk behind the hill, with the tree at the top to protect yourself. For protection, cling to the cliff to your right and then proceed up the hill to shoot enemies while they’re focused upon Jorge as well as the rest of the marines. If you are injured or spot a threat coming towards you, head back to the bottom of the hill, where you’ll be safe from fire from enemies. Within twenty seconds of having eliminated one of the Grunts from the dropship, the spirit of another is likely to drop another seven Grunts along with an Elite Major. Remove the Grunts by using your DMR, and then watch to see the Elite appear before you. If it is moving toward you, head back down the hill and charge the plasma gun. This means you can take away its shields and eliminate them when it reaches the top of the mountain. After the first spirit departs the ship, another one will drop four Grunt majors as well as three Grunt ultras along with an Ultra Elite equipped with the needle rifle. Utilize the method described above to kill them.

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Once you’ve cleared the zone After you have cleared the area, the UNSC pilot will be able to safely take off with his falcon. Take the falcon into the air so that the pilot can take Jorge, Carter Carter Jorge, as well as Carter Jorge towards the outpost of the relay. You’ll land on the patio of the outpost. Noble team members are trying to gain access to the building, but the door is locked by the covenant within. Kat is working on opening the door, and you’ll have to stay alive while she works. Once you arrive on the other side, you’ll find Emile engaged by the four Grunts along with five Jackals. Eliminate them all using DMR headshots, making use of any of the more prominent objects in the courtyard for protection, and then switch your plasma pistol to an entirely new one made from dead Grunts and Jackals. Restock with DMR ammunition and health in the gun case within the room where Kat is cutting through the door.

The covenant is now sending numerous drop ships to block Noble Team from entering the facility. Other Spartans will also move into the room to guard Kat. However, you must shift to the space off towards the left. From there, you will be able to eliminate the Grunts, Skirmishers, and Jackals who will appear along with your DMR as you hide behind the massive storage block on your left. Watch for Elites to appear and then retreat within the blocks once they begin charging. Take their shields off with your plasma gun once they are close to the block, and take a headshot before they hurt you.

A spirit will soon appear to unleash the initial waves of foes comprising seven Grunt majors as well as one Elite Major. Check out the storage box to take out the Grunts immediately if you can. The Elite generally engages the rest of the Nobel squad, and you should only take action if he is within your area. When the first spirit is gone the area, the second one will come and drop seven Grunt majors and four Jackals Majors in Skirmisher using needle rifles, as well as one major from the Elite. Continue to remove the infantry of light from this point. There is no need to be vigilant because covenant soldiers aren’t smart enough to sneak up on you. They will be there and will provide the air force, which is why you should make sure to step back from behind your storage unit when you notice concussion projectiles coming towards you.

In a short time after that, the final spirit will unleash four Grunt majors and four Jackals as well as three skirmishers. Three Elite special operations as well as an Elite general equipped with an energy blade. At this point, two banshees also appear. However, they won’t strike you if you remain at your spot. Kat will open the door after the spirit has gone. Therefore, you do not be required to fight the entire group of foes. Run into the room to join the rest of the noble group when Carter orders you to. Kill any enemies who try to get through the doorway, but the continuous flow of bullets fired by Emile and Jorge generally keeps the forces of the covenant.

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Kat will soon shut the first door and then open the second one, allowing you to go inside this relay station. There is an item for health. However, you’ll soon be able to gain the total health you need. There will be an unidentified civilian lying on the ground. This will trigger a cut-scene where the Noble Team is attacked by two Elite Zealots as well as the Elite Field Marshall. One of the Elites uses a civilian as a hostage, one of them escapes, the Field Marshall escapes, and Carter is sent to browse the Zealots and ends this point of rallying for Winter Contingency.

Part 3: Skeleton crew

After the cut-scene, the loadout will be instantly reset. So, you’ll always start the rally point in total health with a run, two grenades, the 27 ammo magnum, and the assault rifle that has 288 ammo. To your right of the point where you’re starting is a DMR crate. Change your magnum into one that has a DMR. You can switch it on to activate the night vision. Press left and then pressed the button.

In the front in front of you lies a hall that is lined with 3 Grunts as well as three Jackals. Furthermore, an Elite Zealot equipped with an assault rifle will be standing near the far end, firing some shots before going back. Jorge will stroll across the hallway, firing continuously towards the Grunts and Jackals. To the right of Jorge is a higher hallway which will give you more protection from the incoming Jorge. You can walk a portion of the way down the hall and take out all Grunts and Jackals by using your DMR. However, you must permit the elite Zealot to withdraw.

Continue to go the rest of the length of the hallway, and you’ll see another hallway populated with the four Grunts along with Two Jackals to your left. Take them out with your DMR by using the final piece of wall in the room you’re in to cover your back. After you have killed the majority of them, the four Grunts appear in the corner. You should wait for them to approach you so that you can kill them all from the same spot. Switch your assault rifle to any of the Plasma pistols they carry.

Walkthrough the hall to an elevated platform that overlooks the database of the computer. Within the database of the computer, the Grunt database has four Majors as well as two Elite Zealots seen in the cut scene, one sporting an energy sword and the other sporting a rifle with a concussion. Go down the hallway to the left and try to find an energy sword Zealot as quickly as you can. After you’ve found the Zealot, start DMR cutting the Grunts with the wall for cover but be sure to keep a watch over the Zealot Elite. Once it is beginning charging, switch to your plasma gun and start charging it. Then, you can begin to walk back along the corridor, and when you have locked on to the Zealot, you can stun him using your plasma gun. The effect will cause the Zealot to cease charging, giving you enough time to change to your DMR and kill him with a headshot.

DMR cut off the remaining Grunts and then switch with your pistol. The final Zealot will be at the computer terminal trying to hack it and will then come out to kill you as soon as you are close. Start charging your plasma gun when you enter the room. Then, she hits the Zealot when it walks out from the entrance and knocks him out by firing an arrow to the head. Carter will ask you to reset your computer, so head across the green square and press the keypad, and press. This triggers the cut scene, ending the mission. Winter Contingency.



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