Where’s My Water – iPhone Game Review

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Where's My Water - iPhone Game Review

Where's My Water - iPhone Game Review

Where’s My Water is the most recent iPhone game developed by Disney mobile. It’s also their second iPhone game that they have released, inspired by the concept of manipulating the flow of liquid. The player is ‘Swampy’ the Alligator,’ who is desperate to soak in a bath. The problem is that all the other alligators living in the sewer are taking Swampy’s bathing water, and it is your responsibility to redirect the water back! The aim is to direct the water towards Swampy’s tub by digging tunnels with your finger in the dirt and directing the flow of water. On the way, you’ll direct the water to find three rubber duckies that will unlock additional levels and bonuses. The objective is to fill the tub with a certain amount in order before moving on to the next step. Your score is determined by the speed you filled the tub, whether there was any overflow (which is a good thing) and how many of the ducks you were able to collect and whether you were able to unlock any bonus. With updates coming and positive reviews to date, I’m sure Where’s my Water to remain a top iPhone as well as iPad game for quite a while.


* Over 80 puzzles that are challenging to solve with the help of new chapters are included in updates for free!

It’s your responsibility to repair Swampy’s pipes and get the water flowing so he can shower! Four chapters that have twenty levels ensure that you’ll be playing an iPhone game that will provide many hours of entertainment. In addition, new chapters are coming out in free updates, with more coming in the near future. The fun just gets started!

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“Meet “Swampy the Alligator!”

The game offers a rich storyline that goes with its gameplay. The story will unfold as you aid poor’ Swampy, who only wants to bathe in his favorite rubber duck. You’ll become enamored of Swampy as he comes into life by the excitement and detail one would expect from an iPhone game by Disney Studios.

* The physics of water are fluid and accurate!

If you’re using What’s My Water, you can really move with the flow! Incredible fluid details that are life-like let you “splish and splash” to get around obstacles that are easily controlled by your fingers. Controls feel natural and stable.

* Fun and challenging puzzles and obstacles!

On the way, you’ll encounter algae that develops when it comes into proximity to water. There are also acids that are corrosive that could eat the algae and your pips! Utilize all the tools available within the game to gain access to exclusive capabilities, levels, abilities, and much more!

Pros and Pros and


The controls and the Physics are in the same way as you’d expect: The motion that the liquid makes is beautiful fluid. The liquid behaves in the manner you’d expect in the game, which is a great way to speed up how quickly you learn. The game is controlled with precision, which allows for easy control of the environment.

A fascinating storyline Take on the role of “Swampy” in his face the elusive alligators, massive algae, acidic corrosive, and many other challenges. Animations that are vibrant and colorful and a variety of characters make you want to go on to the next level and see what comes the next time.

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Excellent value for money – I’ve played for more than twenty hours and only spent $0.99. An excellent value for the price.


Blobby water – Sometimes, the water appears “blobby” when you are able to separate a portion of the water flow.

A scroll bar can be difficult to master if the screen is more significant than that of the monitor (which most of the time is). The scroll bar appears to move from top to bottom. I’ve experienced this occasionally (especially during the tense moments of games). It could be much more straightforward to scroll with my fingers or tilt my phone rather than using the scroll bar.

With more than 1,000,000 downloads within the first week following its launch and the number growing each day, the game is rapidly becoming the most played puzzle game of the year. If you’ve got money and love solving puzzles, then I would highly recommend checking this game out.

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