Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide

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Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide


Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide

In this Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide, we’ll talk about its strengths, drawbacks, strategies, and other tips to ensure that you can be successful in this class.

Battlefield 3: Recon Guide to Class Kit Summary, Strengths, and weaknesses

If you’re an avid Rifle enthusiast, This is the class for you. The Battlefield 3 Recon kit is all about Rifles and Gadgets designed to gather details.

There are many misconceptions about this particular class. Many believe they are Snipers who are only good at long-ranged battles and are they are weak in other types of combat.

Tell us what you think. Once you’ve learned this skill, you’ll be able to dominate in the mid-range. In fact, it will be easier to take on enemies who are mid-range rather as opposed to far-distant enemies. Make sure your aim is perfect. And then, boom! The enemy is dead on the ground in just one shot. Learning to do this with the sniper gun is far better than any other weapon.

The only flaw we can see in Recon Kit is that when you employ it in combat, that is short-range. In this case, you might consider grabbing an assault weapon if you’re close to your opponent or are chasing an individual from behind. There is no need to aim your gun. You can fire it from your hip and then move your body to ensure that you aren’t getting shot by yourself since pistols don’t have the best accuracy in their aim, even when your adversary is near, and you don’t want to be expecting to be shot in the head.

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Note: If it’s Battlefield 3 on PC, this class is exceptionally adept at close-range combat. It is possible to score one-hit kills using Sniper Rifles at close ranges, but it’s difficult to hold the sights and take a shot off using an instrument. With a PC, it is possible to shoot precisely without needing to aim precisely and, naturally, using the control that a mouse provides!

In addition to their impressive capabilities, snipers also gain access to the most powerful tools in the game, including the Tactical Unmanned Ground Sensor (T-UGS). When you place it down, it will search for people standing near. That means it won’t search those who are sitting or lying down.

Finally, Radio Beacon is another essential item to have for the Recon class. It can be used for almost any map or game mode. It is dependent on the game mode. It will allow players to respawn at the location you put it. It is recommended to put it in place close to the action. This prevents players from hanging out in unsafe areas or distant from where they are actually needed to be.

Battlefield 3. Recon Class Guide – Kit Leveling Tips

Similar to any other class, most of the points you earn will come from pursuing your enemies. If you take out your adversaries by using a TUGS and you’re lucky enough to get some extra points! So, if you’re into a crowd and you’ll get a significant amount worth of extra points within a small duration.

Battlefield 3. Recon Class Guide – Strategy

We mentioned earlier that Recon Kit really stands out in long-range and mid-range combat. If your troops are moving, it is essential to be equipped with a Bipod equipped to fire them comfortably. If not, make sure you let your team know that by making your enemies visible to hunt them down in case they are close to your enemies.

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If you plan to fight in long-range, You must take into account the drop of a bullet. This means that you need to focus on the player’s side rather than directly on them directly. This is usually for shots that are very long, and you can aim just an inch or soup. Of course, this is contingent on the accessories and weapon that you choose to use!

The most skilled Recon players tend to keep getting stronger and don’t want to be prone and shooting all the time. Suppose you’ve been practicing for a long time and are able to get one-shot kills. The secret lies within the idea that you must change your perspective to approximately—the space of the player before you shoot. So when you hit a target, you’ll be ahead of the game and will have little (or no) adjustments to make in order in order to get the kills to increase. The professionals are able to accomplish this task efficiently within less than an instant. All you require is lots of practice. Don’t give up!

When it comes to T-UGS sensors and T-UGS sensors, as a Recon player, as Recon player, you need to ensure that T-UGS sensors are in the correct places. It is not just important to identify where teammates are located, but also you’ll score a lot of points. Don’t forget to mark as many players as you can as some could be slightly higher, and you don’t want to lose the players.

Based on the scenario and game type, depending on the game mode, certain Recon players are able to be caught up working on maintaining the Radio Beacon as their primary task. Radio Beacons are extremely useful when you’re in a rush. They’re also a great option when Respawn points aren’t safe, or you’re summoned randomly.

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This is the most deadly plan If you are trapped in close-range fights. Then, you need to get your gun out and begin using it correctly. Remember, guns are much more powerful than you believe, especially when your goals are correct or you can move or jump on your opponent.

Battlefield 3. Recon Guide to Class Guide Conclusion

It is evident that the Recon Class is excellent in Battlefield 3. They shouldn’t be sitting in a corner and shooting. If they do it, they’ll be the most dangerous ratio of kill to death. The pros are constantly moving between places and are capable of shooting and aiming extremely fast.

We also discovered we also learned that Sniper Rifle is very accurate at mid-range, which means you shoot head-on almost all the time. That’s how to get the most use of a rifle sniper.

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