Battlefield 3: The Review

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Battlefield 3 The Review

Battlefield 3 The Review

Like many of you, I’ve been waiting for this day to be able to play BF3, and so far, it’s been a pleasant experience. Even though I’ve not had an opportunity for online play (don’t do it!) I have had the chance to play the campaign. The majority of you probably have lost track of it and are probably thinking about what it is, but it’s actually the story portion of the game, which is played offline. Now you know we can get into it.

The Good

Field of Battle

Let’s begin with the positives. First of all, the game is stunning, and playing the maps was enjoyable. The game has this refreshing sensation throughout, not just from the environment and scenery. I was extremely pleased with the levels. They were substantially stunning and beautiful. They were also very well-constructed. One thing that I was impressed with was the audio design. Its sound quality is superior to what I’ve heard in any other game before. Each time you shoot, you hear the sound of the bullet, and depending on the location you’re in, you can hear the echo and then an impact of the caliber on the floor or even casings that have distinct sounds. Not just guns that sound amazing, but all sorts of sounds from footsteps to shouting, planes are flying by, and tanks blasting away everything was terrific.

If you pay close attention, you will be able to hear them.

Another excellent addition to this video game was Frostbite 2.0. Frostbite 2.0 is an engine that was improved on and made the entire experience much more enjoyable. In all shooters (and in any other game since it’s enjoyable), I want an environment that can be destroyed in all ways. Through this engine, you can take aim and break the wall your opponent hides behind, break up the defense of the sniper, who is picking your team members and you off, or simply blow large chunks of the wall and see your opponent directly ahead of you, and proceed to blow huge chunks of them. Beware, whatever you do will the adversary.

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In the same vein, I felt that the game offered a satisfying test. The opponent A.I. was relatively well-developed and exceptionally skilled, too. As I mentioned, whatever you can do, can they. If you are able to shoot through the cracks within your defense, they will be able to do the same. They appear to be quite alert, and if you believe you’ll remove everyone peacefully from your hiding place, this is the perfect time to think twice about this. Similar to that idea, if you are too close, adversaries will take you down until they stop moving. I felt they did an excellent job in getting you to be aware of your surroundings but letting you be close to others. I’m happy because everyone knows how entertaining melee-fighting can be.

It is one game that does a lot of things right. For instance, I’ve played games in which I could endure a volley of ammunition at my face and still remain alive. On the other hand, I’ve also played games in which I’ve been injured by a scratch on my arm. This game offers what I believe is an excellent perspective of the subject, which can be seen within the games. It’s as easy as just four or five tags to be out.

There’s a reason why. So Good

Let’s look at some negatives: The plot I liked personally, but the story could be better. It could have gotten rid of eliminating the confusion about who’s whom (which you can find out more about in the article above) that, frankly, I have experienced from almost any wargame. I’m not sure what is about death, guns, and explosions that make me forget who the people are. However, as I stated in the past, the story is likely not the reason you’re planning to purchase the game.

PC Games – E3 2012 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3

Through the course of the game, you can play the other players as Lieutenant. Blackburn, who is being interrogated, recalls the incidents. The issue I faced is that no one of them or any of the other players felt distinct, and there was no distinctness between them other than being named, something is something you easily forget. Some of them appeared to be just in the game to give you the chance to play like one female (forgive I don’t have the name) who is a co-pilot in the section for air warfare. One other issue I had was the game’s being a bit difficult to play. It would freeze on me several times and then slow down in several places.

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The Rest

As I mentioned that I didn’t get to play online in case you want to know more about playing online (which is likely the reason you were able to play the game instead of you are now reading this review, sorry), But the game isn’t over. I’ve read a fantastic review of the game as well as the complete game, and everything is explained to players. You’re welcome. This is coming from G4 TV, so you must probably say thank you to them for it, in fact. Below is a portion of the link. However, you should still read the complete review by them too:

“With all of that being said, any player of the franchise will know that Battlefield isn’t about the battle. The game is about engaging with other players by playing massive online battles which cover every facet of combat imaginable, which is why Battlefield 3 is no exception. The multiplayer features both the traditional competitive mode as well as a newly added mission-based, two-player cooperative mode. Co-op is akin to Modern Warfare’s Spec Ops feature; however, instead of a variety of smaller tasks, Battlefield 3 offers six more intricate and challenging missions. They’re pretty long and diverse in their objectives and offer enough randomization so that playing more than one time isn’t an issue. I don’t think they’ll be easy to master since they don’t cut corners on the level of difficulty. Even on the regular difficulty games, you can’t just traverse them. Most importantly, any experience you gain and the weapons you do not unlock in co-op contribute to your overall profile in multiplayer. With the importance of unlocks to be in the competitive world, the co-op could serve as an excellent location to grind your XP a little while enjoying peace.

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Competitive multiplayer is familiar to those who have played through the series. Two teams will go head-to-head on one of nine maps. The old Battlefield game Conquest is back, where teams attempt to hold the flag so that they can score points and also deplete the opponent team’s reserves through “bleeding” the ticket counts to zero. More points that you can control; the more you control, the higher the rate of bleed. The Bad Company’s Rush mode is also a transfer, and the two teams are fighting over M-COM targets. A team protects the targets while another team attacks them and attempts to set off explosives on the M-COMs. If both are destroyed, the defenders switch to a new team until they are either out of their fallback positions or cut the reserves of attackers to zero. There are other variations, including Team Deathmatch and squad-based variants of Conquest and Rush However, you’ll notice that the majority of players play the two main game types.

Both game types are excellent as of now, and DICE has them refined to an art form in the design of their maps to accommodate both. After hours of play, I’ve yet to discover any bottlenecks in either of them, and all of them feel different from each other. The amazing Frostbite 2 tech lets almost any structure be destroyed to the point of leaving a skeleton on the ground. There’s nothing more satisfying than blasting the wall and removing the sniper that’s been hounding your team for the past few rounds.”



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